Cranbrook Commuter

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    Thought I post some pics of the build. It's actually been done for a while, just thought I'd share.




    Besides the stock HuaSheng 4-Stroke Kit and Huffy Cranbrook Frame, some of the following upgrades/mods done are:

    • Clam Shell Sprocket Adapter & 36 Tooth Sprocket
    • 415 Chain
    • Polyurethane Idler Wheel
    • Drainzit Oil Drain (Huge Time Saver!)
    • 26" Doublewall Rims with 12ga Spokes
    • Kenda K838 Tires
    • Front/Rear Side-Pull Rim Brakes
    • 1/4 Turn Throttle
    • Custom 3-Diode Cree XP-G2 LED Headlight w/ Elliptical Lens (Amazing 1200 lumen of properly focused output!)
    • 12V Electric Horn
    • 10AH 12V Li-on Battery
    • Electrical harness with relays for horn and LED light
    • RAM Mounts X-Grip Phone Holder
    • 5V USB Charging Connection
    • Motion Sensing Alarm
    • Rattle Can Paint Enhancements

    Overall, this has been a great setup for a commute to/from work. It drastically cuts the commute in half, offers big savings in gas, and avoids the need to deal with parking.

    Future upgrades that I'd like to do

    • Front Disc Brake
    • Performance Intake and Jetting
    • EZ Qmatic
    • Custom Exhaust
    • Custom Gas Tank
    • Generator of some sort as opposed to a battery
    • Fixed rear and side LED lighting
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I really like the 50 cc 4 stroke bikes.

    Still want to get a racing class based on them going.

    Where did you buy that kit from?
    3 photos and I can barely see the gearbox, I thought only the
    sellers of these kits had bashful gearbox syndrome? lol

    I like the Honda decal too. :)
  3. pwr2wh8

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    the kit is from engines online shop when they were still local to socal. now i think they are in vegas?

    i'm not really sure of the model, but unfortunately, i believe i have the "teardrop" hoot transmission. it's the latest version with dual chains. it's been working fine for about a year now. it was gift, so i'm not going to complain. if, or when it goes dead, i'm eying the ez qmatic or grubee belt transmissions.

    good eye on the decal. i actually had it laying around from another project. it fit just right and thought i would be a good inside joke. most people have no clue and comment on the "honda" motor.