Cranbrook or Landmark

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Which bike gets engine?

  1. Cranbrook

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  2. Landmark

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  1. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member

    Ok, I have 2 bikes and one engine kit. A Cranbrook and a Landmark. I pedled the Landmark almost 20 miles before I started putting the engine kit on it ( At a leiserly pace) . I liked riding the Landmark as a bicycle so I figured I would get the Cranbrook to use just as a bike. Well I rode the Cranbrook 1.2 miles each way to an AA meeting tonight and I like the landmark much better for peddling. Which should get the engine now? Either one will probobly get a drum front brake at some point.

  2. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member

    Have a used wheel with disc brakes coming for the front of the build.
  3. slaquers

    slaquers Member

    I have a front mount just studs on to mount it like that, no drilling?
  4. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member

    I got a 1 1/2 in exhaust clamp at a local auto parts store to use on the front tube. Its just on there finger tight in that pic. I think when I am moving stuff from my old house to my new house this weekend I will bring my MIG welder and some steel, I want to make an engine mount like Creative Engineering sells, but Redneck style. :devilish: And I need to cut and weld a piece on the left crank to clear the pull start housing.
  5. slaquers

    slaquers Member

    Can I buy a cheap mount somewhere that bolts to Skyhawk GT5 and to Cranbrook if so where? :eek:
  6. birddog1148

    birddog1148 Member