Cranbrook Sprocket Help.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Ant27, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I really need to know how to take off the rear tire on any coaster bike really. There is that arm on the coaster brakes and I don't know how to mount it. How did you guys do it?

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    I did it on a Kulana back in the spring. I don't clearly remember how it was mounted, and I don't know if it will be the same on a Huffy. (It's likely, though. they're probably built by the same factories using the same parts)

    That brake arm will have a square hole in it. this will mount on to a squared portion of the axle. There will be some sort of mechanism to hold it down. I'd guess that maybe yours is covered by a dust cap. Find that and remove it, and I'll bet you'll see what you need to underneath.

    Sorry this is a bit vague. But that arm has to be a seperate piece from the axle. Find where they come together, and you'll be where you need to be.

    Good luck.
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    ok got it -- sounds like - bikes motored and not - are pretty new to you
    as far as repairing anyway.

    that coaster arm comes up from the bottom
    mounts to the frame with a small metal clamp

    you know - I am thinking here
    centering your wheel
    making sure that the cones are adjusted correctly
    getting that coaster brake arm in the right place

    this is the site to help you so as to do these things
    just wish to be sure that things you do here Ant -- don't get you hurt...

    I think that you are on your way to the bicycle shop today
    if so - take everything with you -- all parts, bicycle and engine
    see if you can get some guidance...

    and I also think that you mentioned that your father is good with the tools

    just relax -- in a little time -- you will be on the road...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    I am bringing this back from the dead.

    I just bought a Huffy Cranbrook, its my second bicycle putting a motor on.

    I tried searching the forums and this is the most relevant post I could find concerning my issue. I removed the rear wheel on the bike, but I can't manage to slip the rear sprocket for the motor over the hub. With the ragjoint between the Spokes and the Sprocket the sprocket just simply won't fit over the hub, it sits too far off the hub. Is this normal on this bike? Do I just tighten the bolts for the sprocket and try to eyeball it to make sure its where its suppose to be?


  6. take off the dust cap and toss to the side(you dont need it),slide sprocket over hub,yes it will fit now.
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    I had to take the coaster arm off, peel off that raised piece of metal off the arm
    itself (dust cap), and put 1 of the Rubber Strips on the inside and 1 on the outside
    of the wheel (spokes) to make mine work.

    The reason for this was that the sprocket sat so far in, the chain would rub
    the tires. Using that Rubber round strip on the outside (1 only - and the
    other for the inside) the chain misses the tire and fender now.

    For some reason the Cranbrook has a dust cap underneath the Coaster Arm
    - it just about has to come off in order for the mounting to work properly.

    Hope this helps, if any questions, let me know and i'll send you a couple of

    af0h - Rob