crank case air leak anyone?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by hill climber, Sep 11, 2008.

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    i have a powerking shop "80cc" kit with about 300 miles on it. it always has sputtered, i thought that was the nature of the beast. so i was trying to adjust the carb, jets and the needle, and nothing would make it run smooth. better and worse but not smoother. anyway, decided to check for an air leak. i used starting fluid, first the carb that i sealed with rtv and installed an o-ring, its leaking motor slowed a bit. then the intake to cylinder, srayed it and the engine slowed a bit.then around the base gasket, hit the spay and the engine died wihtin a second. now i saw a gasket in between the case halves, sprayed it and no change. the reson im here is to find out if anyone has had an air leak at the case gasket. ive got the motor apart now should i split the cases and reseal them also? i dont want to have to if this is not been an air leak area. by the way why when i sparyed starting fluid on my motor did it die and not rev? its starting fluid. thaks for all the info here, you guys are great. i love my motor bikes. hill climber

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    i wouldnt split the case. when you sprayed the base and it died is probably coincidental. set the idle up or have someone hold it above idle while you spray.