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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Johnny Gadget, May 5, 2013.

  1. Johnny Gadget

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    installing the deluxe hd shift kit from SBP, with the deluxe kit I got the crank removal tool, my crank set is a square taper with a bolt. bolt removed center pin on tool retracted threaded into crank then snug up center pin on tool then crank away until i can't go any further yes i am using a cheater pipe the pin on the tool is actually trying to thread itself into the axle of the bottom bracket, the bike I have is a Wally world Gennesis astra GX7, all of the tutorial videos i have watched after a couple of turns the cranks pop right off ! this bike itself had maybe 100 feet of riding before I took it home and started building it. what am I doing wrong? any one? thanks in advance guys.....Gadget

  2. Fabian

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    Please post some photos of your crank setup so as to visually analyse your situation.

    Good move on getting the deluxe kit - worth every cent with all of the included tools.
  3. Johnny Gadget

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    here is what I got

    oil, heat, ? the cranks and bracket will NOT be reused so ? my head is shaved so I can't even pull my hair out !

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    Take to your local bike shop before you do some serious damage and maybe your hair will grow back not worrying:)

    AKA: BigBlue
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    forgot to show the tool

    IMG_20130506_072646_185.jpg IMG_20130506_072708_667.jpg IMG_20130506_072751_316.jpg IMG_20130506_073001_357.jpg
  6. Fabian

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    That's the exact same style of crank setup as my bike.

    When i remove my crank arm it just pops off, though i need to use the maximum travel on the inner part of the tool.
    Maybe the outer threads of the tool are not screwed far enough into the crank arm threads.
  7. Johnny Gadget

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    will check that out tomorrow you can see in the photo where the paint on the threads of the outer part are clean tells me how far it went in, the messed up part is the tip of the inner part is reaming into the axle end and trying to thread into it, going to try and put a small bolt into the hole and use it as a shim to get more travel out of the center, if that don't work I will pull out the mini torch and try to NOT burn down the apartment building !
  8. Fabian

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    you could always use a button head bolt placed inside the axle to prevent the inner screw section of the tool from trying to thread it's way into the axle cavity.
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  9. Johnny Gadget

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    the old bolt in the hole trick worked on the sprocket side but lost the crank threads on the other, luckily there was enough room to un screw the cap nut and pull everything out from that side, what a bump in the road !