Crankbrook Frames ?

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    I got my Cranbrook from Walmart to start my first build. ($89.00)
    It came in a box and I put it together this afternoon.

    Wow! The quality of bicycles have gone way down since I was a kid.
    I am a little concern if this bike will even support a engine.

    The gauge of the metal frame is thinner than I remember and the welds do not look very good either.

    I plan on use a 48CC motor for my first build.

    Does the Walmart Huffy Cranbrooks bikes hold up pretty good ?

    First Time Builder............Al :grin5:

  2. I hope they do! I just purchased one! :sweatdrop:

    I've not had first hand experience with them yet but, I've searched the forums here and there are plenty of people who are using them.
  3. oscsllc

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    Crankbrook Frames

    I hope it works good as well.

    I browse the forums, which made me decide to start out with a Cranbrook bike.

    They were low cost and I like the style.

    It is also my first build and I did not want to spend a lot of $$$$$$$$$ until
    I get my feet a little wet and figure things out.

    I am in the process of looking for a 2 cycle motor kit now.

    Frist Time Builder -Al
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    I have been beating the snot out of mine well over 1000 miles wot every where i go mud rain use old intube around motor mounts and dont drill any holes in the frame used longer studs and flated front tube with c clamp or chanle locks have to take coaster brake arm off to fit rear sprocket plus remove dust cover or drill sprocket hole biger had it for over a year no promplems yet my welds were not that great ether best 82$ IVE SPENT
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    Cranbrook frame


    Thanks for the info.

    What kind of motor did you put in yours ?

  6. Al.Fisherman

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    HT 80cc motor

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    I've been buzzing around Muncie,IN for a couple months now on 66cc 2-stroke powered Cranbrooks. No problems so far except for a broken rear fender bracket. May be smart to leave them off like Al F.! First kit is a Grubee. Second kit came from an ebay seller at 1/2 the cost. If you want/need some follow up service or have ?'s however, gets good reviews on the forums. My ebay special BTW runs as well (maybe better) as the high priced one and came w/U-clamp front mount adaptor and a fuel line filter. Excellent 15 page printable manual too. You will have to open up the center hole of the sprocket slightly. I used a Dremel. Also, when test fitting the engine to the frame, attach the carb and air box. None of my manuals actually mention that but kinda important. Have FUN! These things are a ball. p.s.- I'm 52 so probably rode same vintage Huffys as you back in the day. You're SO on about the quality.
  8. I have built 8

    I have built 8 Cranbrook crusiers with 48cc engines. One was bought by a guy that lost his DL for 6 months. he puts 44 miles a day 5 days a week on it.
    Almost 5000 miles on it now. Fenders are gone. Two broken small bevel gears and trashed the rear wheel bearing but it is still crusing along:cool:

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    Guys, not trying to take over oscsllc's thread or get off subject here, but since he's a newbie and I'm by no means an expert, which type of engine produces less stress on the bike frame (or the whole bike as far as that goes) between friction drive, rack mount with either belt or chain drive along with frame mount (2 or 4 stroke) with chain or belt drive ? I think there might be a lot of people here on the forum that might like experienced comments and opinions on this subject from those that have built several bikes and have some first hand experience. Maybe me or someone needs to start a new thread on this subject if there's not one already.
    Thanks !
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    From what I see the question was and is being answered.... from those that have or built using a China Mart Cranbrook bike. Of all the engines I see here, of all the mounts I see, and of all the drives that is used, it is MY feeling that the Chinese HT, frame mounted would put the MOST strain on a bike frame of all those types/drives and mounts. I feel that PROPER mounting is the key. First NO holes in the frame, and have the engine alignment as perfect as possible (takes the stress off of the engine mount studs). I've noticed with a Cranbrook and with their frame design a custom mount of some sort is needed. Just My .02 Below is ONE way proper engine alignment can be accomplished.

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