Crankcase vent oil leak

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    I have a 2001 Whizzer Motor bike and when I ride the 14 miles to work it runs great but on my return trip home the valves always become sticky and it stops running. I was instructed to drill out the guides so I did before realizing that it was an oil issue that was causing the sticky valves. It seems that on my way to work I'm losing enough oil so that the valves are not properly lubricated. I'm using non detergent oil as recommended but it still is forcing too much oil out of the crankcase vent. I tried zip tying the overflow tube to the seat post tube and that just causes oil to leak from other places. Does anyone have a fix for the vent tube leak?

    Thanks in advance

    Forgot to mention that I'm in Westford Massachusetts and this is the first motor bike of any type that I have owned. I'm a big guy on a little bike and I get lots of smiles and thumbs up.
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    Howdy neighbor, from over in the Pioneer Valley.

    I'm not a Whizzer guy but we got some good ones here:
    Quenton and MotorbikeMike and others

    After yer intros, post your question again down on the Whizzer page.
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    Howdy Westford, Have a look around the whizzer section there is a oil/air seperator you can make out of parts at local auto store.PCV valve and some copper scrub brush material, a few other parts. Its up the top of front page. Mushroom lifters might be a good thing also. If you need pictures I have one made up on my 08 NE5. Wow another whizzer within 10 miles too. Straight 40W. Ray
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