Crankshaft Bearing Destroyed On Ne5

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    I thought I would pass on a little information about my trouble. I was in the process of putting my new mushroom push rods in and when I took the right side cover off I discovered my right crankshaft bearing was destroyed.. I am glad I opened that cover up. I had been having a little engine noise in the last 100 or so miles but I could't pin point the exact location. I guess I am lucky and I think the only damage is the bearing. I called Quenton and he said this was the first for him also. Quenton was nice enough and gave me the bearing part number so I could run down and get it from the bearing company. The part number is HK2012RS. I haven't got the bearing back in yet but that bottom of the pan had lot's of debris in it to clean up. I hope to get this going by the weekend. I will try to post pictures of this.

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  2. bill green

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    Hi Ive been using INA roller bearings,Also I saw on the picture your bearing was in backwards . Flat part with writing go,s tward the crank ..bearing install 101...Bill
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    Hi Bill,

    When I checked the sidecovers in stock I found about 50% had the bearing turned around. I have worked on hundreds of Whizzer motors and that is the first failure of the
    HK2012 bearing I have ever heard of. The most common failure is on the opposite side of the crankshaft, and most of the time the case was bored too large to hold the ball bearing tight, not the bearing. On one new motor [21 miles] I "split" the cases to replace the defective gasket and the crankshaft fell out on the workbench with the bearing attached.

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    Hi Quenton I also think it was just A bad bearing . But it still was installed backwards .If any wants to check me on this call any bearing supplier....Bill
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Bill,
    Not sure what you mean "If any wants to check me on this call any bearing supplier"

    Call them for what?

    I also think he just had a bad bearing, but when I was looking for the number on the bearing, by looking at the sidecovers in stock is the first time I noticed some had the number facing inward and some had the number facing outward. I sure know one thing if the bearing is supposed to be turned a certain way, I have a lot that aren't. And I also know it is impossible to remove the bearing intact and turn it around if needed.
    Oh well, why am I not surprized.

    Have fun,
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    Hi Quention With the correct blind puller it EZ..There is A flat and beveled side to these bearings .The flat side has the number stamped in it , Its that side that go,s toward crank..But thats with A torington out of A wc1 cover not A NE5 bearing from taiwan bearing...Hope this helps.. Bill