Safety Crash proof Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Al.Fisherman, Aug 8, 2010.

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  2. Stan4d

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    :smilielol5:Very funny. (it is a sketch, not real). But very pointed in the fact that no matter how many gizmo's we have, nothing beats safety like an alert human.
  3. GearNut

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    Crash proof rider.........?
  4. Fulltimer

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    That was really good!

  5. srdavo

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    that was the best!!!

  6. RedBaronX

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    which is EXACTLY what drives me nuts about "smart cars" that are designed to help drivers make ANY decisions... drivers rely too heavily on the gizmos, and devote that freed-up chunk of brain power to: talking on the phone, watching TV, programming their iPod, as well as the old stand-bys of eating, putting on makeup, shaving, reading...

    Driving isn't HARD... you just need to &%^#@# pay attention!
  7. kerf

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    If it was a "staged" accident, it was the best job of acting I've ever seen.
  8. Stan4d

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    Must have either been the best or you have not seen many good movies.
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    The woman was kind of cute though!
  10. denisecarter

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    Hehe.. Yeah. True, I also agree with what Stan4d have said. That no matter how many gizmo's we have, nothing beats safety like an alert human. ;)
  11. GearNut

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    Those seem to be getting near extinction around my neck-o-the woods.
  12. WhizBangAndy

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    Common Sense 1st...gizmos 2nd and supplemental..

    That definitely made the metal plates in my right knee At least I wasnt plowed by a truck..:D