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  1. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Well - that was fun..

    Just got back from taking the bike to the shop - originally for a single busted spoke. Was coming down my road towards a major roundabout and holding a slow speed because of the spoke on the wheel being busted - so about 28mph.. pulled the front brake and the bike just dropped on me.

    I landed on my hand, hip and elbow... the bike landed on the right hand side brakelever; of which the adjustment knurlwheel is now pancake shaped, and the mounting cracked completely in half and scratched up the fuel filler cap a little... basically the bike landed on me which saved damaging it.. :shock:

    The reason - Jemma forgot an important fact - when you havent had rain for over a month and you get a massive storm - the roads will be greasy. In that situation you use the back brake - not the front! I have gotten into bad habits. I think that is the problem with the coaster brake set up for me - being used to the hand brakes I forget the coaster is there alot of the time...

    The damage - about £30 of repairs - and amazingly a bruise on my thigh which will be a nice shade of purple come tomorrow - I was wearing a denim jacket for some reason today.. and thats not even damaged. If it had been a dry road i suspect it would have been a much different matter..

    Moral of the story - read the road, dont use the brakes unless you have to and try and be smooth when you do..

    Jemma xx
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  2. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Sorry too hear you crashed, but glad too hear you were basically unhurt.
  3. any crash u can walk away from is a good one, in my youth i had a headon with a car, the od thing is i only had a bruse, the car needed 3000$ in repaires, oops did i forget to mention that it was a drivers ed car the poor kid behind the wheel was more afraid than i was. thank god for the pasenger side brake pedel.
  4. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Im just pleased I was wearing the denim at the time - if I hadnt have been I would have a arm sans skin for most of its length...

    what did you hit the learner car with then? you were riding a bike? must have been some bike.

    We had a kid I went to school with hit our car once. we were turning right into the drive of the house and he tried to overtake on the right.. crushed his car between the safrane and the kerb and actually bent the chassis on his car. Girl in the passenger seat of the other car we almost had to prise out she was so scared by the accident. but then again Glen was always an idiot and probably still is. wrecked the front suspension on the safrane and didnt do the gearbox/final drive any favours either since it was FWD and the wheel took all of the shock and drove the driveshaft up the gearbox... to quote corporal jones... "they dont like it up 'em" lol

    Jemma xx
  5. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    glad you're ok! i had a very close call with a coaster brake, & kill switch. my throttle had stuck, going down a hill, pulling a loaded trailer.i could'nt take my hand off the handle , to turn off the engine, my kill switch had been moved to under my gas tank, by my cdi. so when i clutch it my motor it's wide open, i feared i would blow my engine. to top it all off my coaster almost threw my ace off the bike, no brakes either! so i start thinking about the best way to hit the road, or should i jump? right about this time the bicycle gods smiled on me, cause for no apparent reason my engine died.. i stopped, & fixed the throttle problem, & very carefully made my way home with no brakes! i made up a name for my adventure, i call it (running with the bikes) cause i felt like i was running with the bulls. & with the coaster brake, (bad brake dancing). i have since fixed all these things, & added a front brake.something like this will for sure wake you up. at least it did me.
  6. acronn

    acronn New Member

    Glad you are okay Jemma. Funny how an accident like that feels like it is running in slow motion. Front wheel skids, and for that matter any form of losing control, is not fun. All you can do is learn from it and go on.
  7. Jemma i WAS RIDIN A MURRY 10 BAJA my dad still has the bike though it is now disasembaled, the bike took no damage in the wreck, or through any of my mis adventures. i also t-boned a cop car with it(that will teach him for trying to lay a speed trap.) If it werent for weak accesories, i would most likley still be riding it.
  8. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member

    WOW, amazing run of misfortune. glad you weren't seriously damaged although that bruise is probably going to be pretty touchy tomorrow.

    we're pulling for you,

  9. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    It already is - along with my right shoulder and knee - right elbow and right hand... the bike was amazingly undamaged.

    Weird thing with the pipe I have. All the way through the range the bike is much much more powerful.. yet top speed is identical. It must be coming on the pipe to gain me the power in the rest of the range - but why no more top end... flat out speed is still 34.

    Jemma xx
  10. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Its funny, not your accident, but there is another thread asking if you need rear brakes on a bike., as this shows that rear brakes are important.

    Jemma, I hope you heal quickly.
  11. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest


    I hurt all over - i think I pulled every muscle in my body when I hit that ground. Even stuff that didnt hit the ground hurts.

    I guess the good point is that I can heal - the bike costs money to fix - but still it kills at the moment :S

    Found out I have ripped the shifter cable open - it even broke some of the protective wire wrap - so I hit the ground pretty fast.

    I think the best combination of brakes on a bike is tail - v brake and front drum like I had on the old machine... after dropping the bike today I am not so keen on coasters...

    Jemma xx
  12. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    Moral of story: don't use dual (combined brakes) and learn how to use them.Dual ones might make your handlebars look tidy and keep you from having to think about using them judiciously. Frontal skids are sudden&nasty and there is absolutely no way to recover from them,I speak from experience.
  13. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    WOWZA! I'm glad you're OK, Jemma... I hope that I never have an incident like that, but that's just the thing--you never know...:shock:
  14. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Mine are front hand & rear coaster.. you are right that they are fast - one minute I was up and the next minute flat on my behind with the bike on top of me in a three lane section of the road.

    I am thinking - when my footpeg set up is done and dusted.. of putting the throttle on the right foot and finding an adaptor to make the rear brake into a drum and then have a footbrake for the back...

    What was worst - when I got the bike back I rode home on it - no problem... got home and just had a look to make sure all was in order - spoke was bent so I had a closer look - the rear wheel bolts were done up finger tight!! - if it had have been anything but a hub bike with reversed dropouts I would have been all over the road again... shame I noticed that *after* I had paid :S.

    Did a full workover of the bike - the headstock had come loose at the fixing and the handlebars were out of true as well... and these 'experts' hadnt even noticed :S

    Jemma xx
  15. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    i would,nt think you would need a bike shop for anything other than parts anyway, Jemma.
  16. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    Front brakes have ALWAYS caused more crashes for me than they have prevented. I have removed them and run dual rears for 25 yrs. now.
  17. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    I disagree,on dry surfaces front brakes have far superior emergency stopping power compared to rear ones,without inducing a dangerous skid.This is due to weight transfer which is quite pronounced on a bicycle due to the high CG of rider + bike.Just go to an empty parking lot on a Sunday and practice emergency braking.It might save your life.The problem with skids is not so much the skid itself,but that you are lying on the road and an excellent candidate for being run over.I had a frontal skid on a motorcycle once in the Alps in Europe, on a blind turn( ice on the road),cars were coming by within a foot or so of my head,quite unnerving.
    The best combination in my opinion is a combination of front drum or disk brake (allmost maintenance free) and a rear rim or disk brake of some sort,good to have for long descents because of superior heat dissipation capability.Drum and esp. coaster brakes CANNOT be relied on under these conditions,they will fade.High quality disk brakes are good brakes for most occasions.
  18. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    Oooooo Jemma you're going to be sore for a while. I'm awfully glad that you didn't come to any major harm though. It will take a few days for all the bruising to come out unfortunately, but a hot bath can be a good friend in such circumstances.

    Quite a few years ago now I managed to drop my 350cc Matchless single-banger on myself at low speed and I had to be rescued by some very amused bystanders. They called those old Matchless motorcycles the 'heavyweight' model and they were certainly right about that :shock:
    Never should have sold that old bike (sigh).
  19. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Do you mean the 'G' type bikes? I have seen pictures and it looks like they had been built using bits of left over scaffolding. The bike I would like is the Henderson straight six model - but they are rarer than hens teeth.

    I've been doing the hot bath thing and the painkillers *sigh* - didnt want to but didnt really have a choice. Its not so much the bruising as I think I have dislocated ribs - and they *hurt*

    ozzy - I like the dual rears idea - its a matter of if I can get the coaster converted... if I can I'll get a dual footbrake setup for the back. I'll keep the front though for the simple reason that in the dry its definately the best of the two... I just have to get into the habit of using the coaster again.

    crazy - my problem has always been self confidence - I know what I am doing, its that I dont have the tools for some things and I'd rather leave wheels to people who've done it because I dont want to make a dangerous mistake.. although when I do it I tend to do a proper job :???:
  20. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    yes Jemma, i felt the same way about the spokes, & wheels. so one day i took an old wheel that was in awful shape, i put it in an old set of forks,& secured a old peice of a spoke to the forks with a zip tie, to check the true of the rim,got my spoke wrench & went to work.after about 45 mins. i could'nt understand why i had made such a big thing of it. i have read many of your posts, so i know you would do most likley a more proper job, than a shop, like the axle being loose, that would be cause to put more trust in yourself, or at least in another shop. although there is only one here within a reasonable distance. that is also why i sometimes tackle jobs , that maybe i would'nt if i had a good bike shop near by.