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    Hello all,

    As the title says, I'm an engineer (electrical/software with a strong physics background) with lot of additional engine/mechanical experience relative to quads and autos. I spend a lot of my spare time riding quads in the Southern California deserts.

    I've been craving a motorized bicycle just about all my life so when I came across this forum, a few weeks ago, my eyes lit up and I've been reading like crazy! ... I have since purchased a Boygofast 80 (yeah I know it's a 60 something) with centrifugal clutch and pull start. I have also purchased (wiating for delivery) the Sick Bike Parts jackshaft kit to take advantage of my bike's gears.

    I am installing this all on a 8-10 y/o Autobike that I bought for my ex-wife and she never rode. It's been sitting pretty much unused, except for the semi-yearly tune and ride that I've given it.

    Anybody here know about the Autobike or perhaps even have a motor on one? It is unique in that instead of shift lever/s it has a set of weights, driven by centrifugal rotation of the rear wheel, which push the derailleur to change gears as a function of wheel rotational speed ... essentially it's a 6 speed automatic. It continues to shift perfectly, after all these years, so I'm hoping to have a unique motorized bike when I'm all done. It's not the best bike in the world, but it is rather beefy so I expect it will stand up well to the engine load.

    Being a crazy engineer, I just CAN'T do anything normally.

    Anyway, that's it for now. I expect I'll keep you posted on the progress and may have some questions as I progress. Thanks for being here!

    Mark aka QuadManiac

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    welcome to MBc.

    looks like you're going to fit in here, just fine.
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    Welcome aboard...

    Glad we can help you here, and in return you may just find yourself helping us as well!
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    Yes! I have recently been in contact with Landrider to determine cost and availability of their newer derailleur and cassette. My Autobike uses a much less technologically advanced auto-shift mechanism and although I'm going to start with this, I'd like to adapt my Trex bike as well, hopefully with the newer design. Apparently Autobike went bankrupt, passed through several hands and then ended up as Landrider with an improved design.

    If the Landrider derailleur and cassette are available as replacement/repair parts and they are adaptable, these along with a Sick Bike Parts jackshaft/front freewheel kit might well well make an easy auto-shift conversion for anyone interested.
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    Please, keep us posted on what they tell you. I want to build a multi-speed capable trike, but having only one hand makes using derailler shifters somewhat problematic. I've been looking at the NuVinci hub and drooling, but at $400 it is completely out of my reach on a disability income. If this is cheap enough, it solves part of my problem.

    I have an older Shimano 3-speed hub I picked up, rebuilt, for $20 from a bike geek I know who rebuilt it, then decided to go to a 7 speed hub. If I could use that as a mid drive, with a 6 speed autobike type shifter on my axle, I'd have an 18 speed trike. Put a small 2 stroke engine and the Sick bike parts jackshaft in, I'd be able to use all 18 gears under power, and only need a thumb shifter on the right side for the Shimano hub.

    I've got a very cool gas tank I've built from a Heineken mini-keg for such already.
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    Why couldn't a small 2 stroke with a centrifugal clutch power a chain wheel mounted on the left side of the pedal axle which would then enable a person use all the gears both front and rear? I recognize that they would need a hand pull starter and you'd have to remove the pedal arms and mount foot pegs for your feet. In essence it will not longer be pedal powered, it just became a small motorcycle.
  8. QuadManiac

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    Already available - well not quite all you described. Check SickBike Parts, one of the forum's sponsors.
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    Hi I'm Land Rider Jerry. Did you ever do anything with your bike? Looking for other motorized Land Rider riders.
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    A prundlebox on a bike.. madness! :)

    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome, Yea I know Autoshift. Adding a jack shaft & motor may give the poor thing a mental breakdown! Hope it works for you. The rear end may not handle the power.
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    I've already built the bike and have been riding it for two years. It works great. I'm now running a Staton Inc system on the bike. I put a Surly stainless steal chainring on the shift kit. I use a 8 speed 34-11 freewheel on a Staton hub in the rear. I currently have the only motorized bike with a shift kit that shifts gears automatically. Will be posting pictures and videos soon of upgrades recently made. I was just looking for others who've done what I've already done.