creating an emergency bike kit

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    i was thinking about making an emergency kit for accidents and what not on the road, and i wasn't quite sure about what to use as a bag and what should be in it. i was also unsure of where to actually stow it on the bike, or whether or not to just have a backpack.

    what do YOU do? :D

  2. I use a handle bar mount Bell bag from Wallmart. In it are a new inner tube, a Bell multitool in a pouch which includes a tire patch kit, plastic tire irons, and many funky tools to fit most bike screws and bolts. I also carry a small tire pump, pliers, a Shrader valve tool with a spare valve core, a small jack knife, spare batteries for the lights, and several engine specific tools. The Bell multitool tools are a pain to use, but in an emergency out on the road they work well enough to get me by.
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    I have a rack mount box, carries my spares and has plenty of room.
    - spare tube
    - fix-a-flat (bike size)
    - leather man
    - Blackburn bike tool (much better than bell, includes bike chain breaker/tire levers)
    - air pump
    - vise grips
    - spare 415 and bike chain sections
    - allen wrenches to fit jackshaft
    - 12mm, 10mm, 1/2 and 9/16 wrench
    - 4 way screwdriver
    - spare batteries for lights
    - crankpullers (both engine and bike)
    - 415 chain tool
    - small spare parts bag (nuts/washers/set screws/bolts)
    - zip ties
    - spark plug
    - 4oz bottle two stroke oil
    - spare head (blew out one plug hole, this one seems OK, might drop it.)
    - And oh yes, always have my cell phone!
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