Creative Engineering Hub Sprocket Adapter

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  1. ra42mario

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    I ordered a Hub Adapter & Sprocket from Creative Engineering and installed it on my bike.

    My bicycle is a Huffy Cranbrook with a plain jane HappyTime motor. When I installed this motor I had one **** of a time keeping my chain on the sprocket. I also have another bicycle that already has ruined spokes, and I did not want to have to fix this wheel so I figured I'd spend the $60 on the hub adapter and the sprocket.

    It took exactly two weeks to get to my door. I installed it in literally ten minutes. I recommend buying Creative Engineering's sprocket, it is MUCH MUCH stiffer then the cheap one that comes in the kits, and the teeth also seem taller so it stays in the chain better. I didn't even have to adjust the hub adapter when I put it on. I tightened down the allen bolts with the allen wrenches, pushed my clutch lever in and rolled my bike back and forth and the chain stayed on so I went for a ride, 8 miles later, chain was still on. I couldn't get 20 feet before and my chain came off the sprocket.

    If you don't have this hub adapter, GET THIS HUB ADAPTER. It makes these motorbicycles much more reliable. I just got relocated 20 minutes away further at my job, so I plan on riding this bike until the snow hits.

  2. GearNut

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    Perhaps spiked tires could extend your riding season?
  3. biken stins

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    Got to agree there excellent.
    When ordering give exact measurements. Use a caliper or have someone else do it for you.
    The 32t is a fine sprocket for speed on even ground. A real hoot.
    Jim is a great person,very smart, and enjoyable to talk to.
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    Creative engineering...sprocket and sprocket hub adapter/mount is the only way to go on these MBs...this is the first upgrade you should make to your kit...but dont forget to add that front brake on your coaster brake cruiser....
  5. ra42mario

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    yeah I will be adding a front brake asap. I have the stuff here, just need some time to get it put on.

    As for riding in the winter, its not really the snow thats the problem but we get a lot of ice up here northeast ohio. I'd need tire chains to make it work in the winter lol.

    I rode the bike to work today, only a 15 minute ride but it was nice. I showed up to work really awake and had a good day.

    Next wednesday I'm relocating jobs, so I'll have a further drive. I need to mapquest the best way to get there without a lot of traffic so I can see how long it takes me to get there.
  6. Johnny Blaze

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    Creative Engineering kits

    Jim at Creative Engineering is a first class engineer who makes his own parts. He installed one of his sprocket kits on my bike and it works like a charm. The sprocket that comes with the engine is hard to install and is not well made. Save your self time and heart ache and get one of Creative Engineering kits.