Creative Engineering Rear Sprocket Adapter, 44T Sprocket, Intake Manifold , 100 grips

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    I have a brand new, never used or installed (still in Jim's shipping envelope) Creative Engineering 44 tooth Rear Sprocket with hub clamp/adapter and an intake manifold for the 80cc engines. Bore on the hub clamp is 1.459" as it was made to fit a vintage "New Departure" rear coaster brake hub. The vintage New Departure brake hubs can be found easily online if you desire to use one to bolt this directly on to. Otherwise, you can enlarge the bore of the clamp to fit Shimano type rear hubs. I also have over 50 SETS of (black) classic Schwinn style Hunt Wilde 1 1/8" hand grips. I will sell ALL of it for $125.00 OBO plus shipping. Give me a call or text if interested. Tony- 702-525-1248

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    Reduced to $100.00 shipped. Any takers?
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    Okay, grips are no longer available. Sprocket with adapter and manifold is now 60.00 shipped. 702-525-1248
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    Xtreme you should always spell out at least 1 digit in your ph# if you don't want data miners discovering it and using it.
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    Thank you. Good point.