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    Here's a project that I finished up to mount my Cree headlight and horn to the head-tube. I want to keep the handlebars clear of clutter.

    It was made from some sheet metal and a 1-1/4" muffler clamp. I tack welded the clamp to the mount to make it more secure. The round tube is from an old bicycle frame and held in place with two star fangled nuts (like the ones that hold threadless forks into the head-tube) that I bought from my LBS. He also was kind enough to install them for free. I then powered coated the mount in a toaster oven from the thrift store. I used Plasti-Dip on the U-bolt to prevent scratching the head-tube. I also used an old inner tube between the head-tube and clamp to prevent scratching.

    Since the Cree headlight is held with a thick band, it would be easy to remove the headlight and use the mount for a GoPro camera when not used as a headlight.

    If you wanted, you could not use a tube to hold the light, make the mount larger and install a 5" motorcycle bucket headlight.

    I've already planned a new improved version. A second U-shaped bracket would be welded onto the back. This bracket would wrap around the head-tube towards the rear of the bike. Then batteries could be installed on the bracket.


    Here's a blurred picture of the mount before I powered coated it:

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    This is giving me all sorts of ideas. I feel I may be taking your post off topic if I mention OMG PLASTI DIP! lol. I never heard of that, but just goggled it and it sounds like it could have many applications in MAB and cycling in general: motor mounts in the same way you protected your frame from scuffing; wheel rims and spokes, particularly the nipple/eyelet area which I find suffers salt damage; fenders perhaps.. it may even have some vibration dampening properties.. :idea:
    Back to your headlamp and horn though, that's a very professional job you've done there. Now I wish I could get hold of small quantities of powder coat too.. hmmm, I'll have to look into that! :detective:
    I personally like the headlamp mounted under the stem on my bikes, where possible; so because of the way headlamps are always made to be handlebar mounted I usually end up removing the handlebars, putting the rubber loop over the stem, replacing the bars and then wrapping the whole lot together with a huge amount of scruffy looking electrical insulation tape with a piece of foam polystyrene between the stem and light to get the angle right. :rolleyes7:
    I think you did it better. :D