Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser Build

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    I'm building a Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser with a HS 4 stroke belt drive trans.
    I bought the bike online on Amazon and found the motor just barely squeezes in.
    I had to remove the chain guard, the muffler guard and the cover on the carb.
    I also had to cut the top off the choke lever.
    The top bar is thick and I had to use different clamps to hold the tank on.
    I use anti-slip tape on the top of the bar and the bottom of the tank to keep it from slipping.
    Then I used 3/4" copper plumbers strapping to clamp the tank on.
    Sure looks good though.
    Bike is dark green and I put short (8") black steel fenders on it.
    That engine kit price is Canadian funds delivered.
    Works out to just over $225 US
    Eat your hearts out my American cousins
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    This stuff is a must when building these bikes.
    Use it on top of the bar where your tank goes along with a strip in the groove under the tank and you will never have the tank move.
    Another place is the chain tensioner.
    put strips on both sides of the bracket that clamps to the bar and wrap the bar also and you just need to snug the nuts without crushing the bar or having the tensioner always slipping.
    The best stuff I have run across came from Caterpillar.
    It was a fine grit with a super adhesive metal backing.
    Anything clamped to a round bar is a candidate. (lights, Mirrors, etc)