Critical Mass, Erie, Pa. Friday Sept. 25, 2009.

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  1. I recently discovered Critical Mass when I visited a bicyclist friend in Chicago. We met a 1 1/2 to 2 mile long parade of bikes coming towards us as we were making a left turn. It took them about a half hour to pass. There were standard bikes, bikes welded into odd shapes and sizes, several double high bike contraptions, and even a few old time high wheelers. As we waited he explained that Critical Mass is an non-organized group of bicyclists who get together and ride en mass one day per month. He usually rides with them and he couldn't stop grinning as they rode past. Their motto is "We ARE traffic." Once they reach some ill defined critical mass number, auto traffic must yield to them and they rule the streets. Their goal seems to be to demonstrate that they have every right to ride the streets of their cities, the same as cars.

    Many large cities have a Critical Mass and I recently discovered that even my little city has been doing this for a year now. A friend invited me to ride this Friday, but I was not sure a motored bike would be welcome. She assured me I will not be stomped, shived, or shot and that I will be welcome, so I'm going to join in and ride. Any other motored bike or pedaled bike riders care to ride with us? We will meet up at the fountain in Perry Square at 6:00 pm on Friday. It sounds like a fun time.:evilgrin:

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    Hi Mike

    I will be there.
    Cars allways ignore the fact that i'm there.
    I would love to support the cause.
  3. It will be a fun time, I'm sure. Looking forward to meeting you there,
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    cool looking forward to meeting all you mb riders
  5. Woo Hoo! Maybe 20 or so bike riders showed with 2 motored bikes, 210061741 and I. I was pleased to make the acquaintance of 210061741 and so many more really nice people this evening. The MBs were about perfect for blocking intersections to prevent cars from interfering while the bike parade passed. We could "plug" an intersection then speed to the next crossing to plug it as the pedal bikes preceded safely. After the ride, many of us stopped at The Brewery in Union Station to socialize and hoist a few. All in all I had a great time. wOOt!