Critical Mass Ride Here In Tucson Soon


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8:08 PM
Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI
Check out this Critical Mass ride. Oct 26th-tucson

here's whats happening soon. the last friday of this month. there may be up to 200 pedalbike riders.

to quote one of the organizers:

"I thought I'd put in my two cents-- hey, I helped organize Critical Mass in Tucson.

I'm surprised by the negativity about Critical Mass in Tucson. Why is everyone so angry?

While I agree that Tucson is a safe city to ride in, it's also a sad truth that I can't count the number of times cars have swerved at me, or tried to yell me off the road; I bike to work/school every day.

Another truth is that Critical Mass is not just some simple "anti-car" movement. No, I'm not a punk-*** cyclist who's "working on my piercing and sticker collection" (paraphrasing the unsettlingly angry cyclist's post), I'm just a guy who wants to raise awareness and see cyclists come together. Critical Mass is NOT a riot! Critical Mass is a procession that endorses physical activity, environmental awareness, and fun! And yes, during Critical Masses, I have seen drivers ask what was going on, and comment positively about it! I genuinely think that Critical Mass can help inspire people to enjoy the many unique aspects of cycling -- and who's pushing anyone?

Cyclists out in the community in force does NOT have to be either a hard-core road race OR a riot. We CAN co-exist together; think about it: it's car-critical-mass EVERY day, one Friday night is nothing!

Biking is love. "

-- Elliott Berry

i just emailed him, because I plan on attending. i already know the reaction a motoredbike rider will get from the spandex, but if they have something negative to say, then they can expect the same in return.

The link is outdated, and says June 3rd of '03. but i just ripped that quote off from craigslist, in the Bicycle section. there seems to be quite a stir with many riders, that do not like Critical Mass. I am intrigued.

EDIT: just got reply. here it is:
We will be meeting this Friday, Oct 26, at 6:00 at el Presidio Park. Unfortunately, I posted this, and it got taken down, presumably by those angry cyclists. El Presidio Park is right behind the old court-house downtown. Tell everyone you know!

Can't wait!

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I think it is a great thing but I can see the bad points also like, Double bike lanes runing hind to head for miles. That haults all traffic because it would be unsafe for cars to pass that many bikes. If they are in a 55 MPH lane that is.
I know during the Bridge Festival in Indiana, I personally experienced at least 300 bikes that blocked both lanes on a back road and would onlt single lane it if oncoming vehicles were coming at them.
I think their should be bike lanes every where there are car lanes, including back roads but I don't see that happening for a while.
Have a safe weekend!
I rode with Critical Mass in Portland OR a few times. In an urban center, a bike can make the lights, so they aren't really impeding traffic. A car driver sees the bikes and feels like - "If the bikes weren't there, I could hit the gas and close the gap to the next car." When actually, if the bikes werent there, it would be bumper to bumper cars, and they would not go any faster (try telling that to a cager). I stopped riding with Critical Mass because I didn't feel they were radical enough.
In town, I can understand completely but on a two lane country road at 55 MPH speed limit, there is a big difference.
MBs not wanted!

The flyer they sent me says "no mopeds or Spooky-Tooths, please" (kinda cool, though that "SpookyTooth" is becoming a generic name for MBs). I tried to download it here, but the file size is too big, I can email it (Word document) to anyone who wants to see it.

I personally am against the whole thing. Cagers around here are p'd off enough without deliberately antagonizing them. Don't believe them when they say they aren't purposely interfering with traffic, their instructional materials explain techniques for "choking", etc.

I haven't been to the St Louis one (I don't even know if there is one) but mostly what I've read of them online is bad. Not real family-friendly, and not real productive as advocacy efforts go.

I kinda like what the people in Toronto are doing: a group is painting their own bike lanes, because the city takes too long to do it.
I think they should use white paint however, same as the city does.
Gee, not to knock Critical Mass, but how do you think they would feel with a few miles of older people on Huv-a-rounds got in front of them blocking both lanes. Can you imagine all the adult diaper bombs. Lighten up already! Haw Haw