Critical Update For Grubee 4 Stroke Kit Gear Box



The gearbox clutch retaining bolt used in the manufacture of Grubee gearboxes on 4 stroke kits prior to October 1st has a minor, but critical design flaw. The bolt used to hold on the primary gear and bell housing is not long enough. This bolt does not get a good “bite” with enough threads and may come loose causing damage to the gear box and gears.

If you currently own one of these gearboxes please contact your dealer for the free replacement hardware. If your dealer is unable to provide the correct hardware please see the specs listed below. Most kits currently being sold should now include the longer bolt and instructions to be installed by the purchaser. Please see below for complete hardware specs and instructions for replacement.

New Hardware Specs:
Machine Screw (M6 – 1.00 x 20)
Lock Washer (M – 6)
Fender Washer (1/4” x 5/8”)

Replacement Instructions:

Step 1
Remove the 3 slotted head bolts that hold on the gear box cover and remove to expose the clutch retainer bolt (silver bolt on the gear farthest to the left).

Step 2
Remove the existing clutch retainer bolt. To prevent the shaft from spinning while removing the bolt, carefully insert a screw driver into the flywheel on the opposite side. Be sure not to damage the flywheel fins or the magneto surface. Wedge it in place so that it will not spin and unscrew the existing clutch retainer bolt using a flat screwdriver.

Step 3
Replace with the included bolt and washers. To tighten the new clutch retainer bolt, hold the pull start rope to prevent the shaft from turning or use the screwdriver method shown in step 2

Step 4
Replace the gearbox cover and the secure the 3 bolts. That’s it! Your upgrade is complete and ready to ride.:D
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Is that a REAL SCREW or ahh hummmmm, a SEARS SCREW??? Sorry I just could not resist,, Frank Z. Is this manufacturor recalling or ??????????????? Californias GOT the most of them
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No, there is no recall. Some gearboxes never even have a problem, but it is best to replace them just in case. Dealers should provide the hardware for free and it is a simple fix.
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