Cronus. He was the chief god of the Titans, the Elder Gods of Greek mythology, and was defeated and supplanted by Zeus (his son), after seizing power himself from his father, Ura*us.

He ruled over the so-called "Golden Age", a time of harmony, peace and plenty.

He is golden. Hear him roar!

Thank you Simple Simon for helping me name my new bike.

And Duane,Thank you is simply not enough.
Duane did all the work,man. I take very little credit.
I DID get that rear fender on there! I needed to clear the sprocket bolt,but you really can't notice it cause the engine kinda screams "HERE I AM!!!"Fender clear.JPG
The thick chain rubbed some on the tire. Remember now Duane had to remove the rubber spacer to clear the coaster arm so it moved the sprocket rather close. But the bike chain is doing it's thing. I really don't think I'll have any issues with this. It's definitely less stress than the stress my Happy Time takes.Bike Chain.JPG
Here he is next to MOOP. Yea,MOOP is really hurting right now. I think he's okay. He knows he's my first. But CRONUS is SUPERIOR!!! Please don't tell MOOP that. That would be the end.W:MOOP.JPG
Look here. Duane moved the rack back simply because he felt it was too close to the seat. I mean it would have been okay. But that's just not good enough. He grabbed a couple more tensioner mounts and moved it back. I tell you,I'm so glad Duane did this install,and he learned from this that cruisers need longer this and longer that.Mount.JPG
Here's the gas line. Duane put a Happy Time line on there. It simply grips better. Again,another example of his perfection. Notice though the lack of a fuel filter.Gas line.JPGThat's no big deal. I can always get one. But there is a pretty good filter at the tank.Filter.JPG

I was in a bit of a hurry today for I had to take my daughter to work so I didn't take any more pictures of Duane nor did I have time to stop at Columbine High School to see that memorial. Duane's not too far from there. But I did manage to ride it some over there.
I tell you. This is NOTHING like MOOP. NOTHING.
It starts real easy,I give it a pedal but you really don't need to (I'm used to MOOP. I feel it has to be easier on the centrifugal clutch in one way or another) And then it just goes. I need to get used to the coaster brake. I find I'm using the front brake pretty often.
This engine is so quiet. this is DEFINITELY the Downtown Bike Trail choice of transportation. And it's so easy to ride that I don't think anyone in my family would have a problem riding this bike. There's a moment that the engine becomes so quiet you can hardly hear it. It's pretty spooky,actually.
I'll still ride MOOP. MOOP is more REBEL,man. You gotta clutch this and pedal so it won't snag that and watch that tensioner and mix that gas well. And it's frame mounted so it's HAR HAR HAR!![Tim Allen]

But CRONUS is simply...MAJESTIC. It GLIDES. It says "I belong on the trail"

Tomorrow I'm gonna do some riding. A few miles at a time. I'll pack a lunch so I'll eat at the park. Then I'll check this and tighten that. Really there's not much. I mean I could carry only a 1/2 inch wrench in my pocket and if my tires don't blow that's all I need.

This is Duane's install. And he rode it too.

Duane rode my bike.

I think that ROOLS.

Oh and another thing. I told Duane yesterday about my chain breaking on MOOP. He gives me another chain.
Simply CLASS.
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Hey LARGE !!!

You are very welcome. Several Things... Your pics are awesome !! And... There is already an inline fuel filter. It is inside the fuel line right at the tank. Right where the fuel line is pushed on to your fuel tank. Right there at the plastic connector, there is a super fine fuel filter. If you ever pull your fuel line off the tank, you will see it there. So.. No need to purchase another one. You are done. Also.. I know this sounds weird..But..The happy time fuel line is the line to use for this application. Reason being is that the Happy time fuel line gets hard as time goes by. As long as you are not pulling it off and on, then this is good because it will not cavitate. Since the fuel tank does not have the fuel outlet in the best position in respect to the carb inlet, then you need a fuel line that will not cavitate. Why does not this forum like my spelling of cavitate? I do not get it..anyway.. Just wanted to point out a couple of things. Enjoy the ride...... Sincerely.. Duane.. o yea.. I love that Schwinn.. One cool ride for sure.......

Large Filipino

Oh! Okay. That's good to know there's already a filter there.

Duane,you so rule. I KNOW I'm gonna have some great days with this bike.


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Mar 23, 2008
I'm happy for you, Large Fillipino.

To be really honest about it, I'm a bit envious as well. That's a sweet machine.

Large Filipino

OH MAN it's fast. And it pulls hills. Dawgs. I'm 270 at the moment and this runs circles around MOOP.
And it's completely okay to shut the engine off when riding. In fact this has been a habit of mine with MOOP anyway to save gas,because I just reach over without even having to look and pull that rope. When it's warmed up,not even a full pull and it's running.
I like to shut her down going down hills. The centrical clutch doesn't grab at downhill speeds at all with the engine off then at the bottom just reach on back and not even a hard pull and you're riding off.
I dunno. MOOP may start collecting dust here.
I do look more fat on Cronus. On MOOP I'm more back so that kinda hides my belly a bit. But with the rack mount,my b%tt crack don't show!
I'm gonna walk a mile on my treadmill,then I'm off to the mall.
Dax is teh man. Exhaust in back you can lean your back on the engine no worries,Pull starter in perfect position can't get any better. My rear fender started making a little noise. No worries. Later after riding I'm just gonna snip off a little so everything will clear.
At the speed sign,MOOP can do 23 screaming. Cronus at 23 is at about 1/2 throttle and has more. I'm still breaking it down,but I think I went about 30 today still with some juice left. And remember,this is with a 44 Tooth sprocket.
Way faster than MOOP. Way faster.
Thank you again Duane for moving that engine back. That little bit of room does make a difference in comfort.


WOW,large Cronus sounds cool, but when ride MOOP you can do this. louis


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Upgrade for Large.....

Hey Large... Here is an upgrade for you. If you are interested. I have new .045 springs for the clutch pack. Currently you have the Factory 055. We can pull your clutch pack, grease the bushings, and replace the 55 springs with the 45's. This will allow your clutch to engage earlier and with more power down low gaining torque, lowering RPM. This will allow your engine to run cooler, they already run cool , I know, less rpm, and less wear on the clutch pads increasing the life of the clutch and better and smoother engagement. Let me know if this is something you like to do. You can ride your bike down and we can fix you up. Thanks..And..Enjoy the ride... Sincerely.. Duane..
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Large Filipino


Duane I'll let you know. This is kind of a bad time for me right now.

I owe you some more Thank You's!!!


I have some duct tape too.

My client is going on a Home visit today so I'm just waiting for his mom to show up then it's off again!

Life is great.
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It looks great Large! Now all it needs is a 12v head and taillight system. You have plenty of space behind your seatpost in the lower frame for a generous amp hour battery there. Clean up those wires a bit, some black spiral binding would work well.

Great vision and great job Duane. I hope these engines work out very well for you and your clients.