Cross 3 versus cross four lacing and the sheave

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    Did a search and could not find an answer.

    I have a vintage Whizzer and the rear wheel was originally a cross 3 lacing and the sheave nibs lined up fine for attaching the sheave.

    I would like to put the original drop center rims on the bike but I am pretty sure that would mean I would have to lace the rims with cross 4 lacing to take up the extra length on the spokes created by the drop center rim (1" less diameter)

    Does anyone know if the sheave nibs will line up correctly if I do cross 4 lacing on the wheel?

    Thanks.... Wayne

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    I don't know the answer but I bet Quenton does. If he doesn't answer soon send him a PM.

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    Cross 3/Cross 4

    I had the wheels of my old whizzer laced up, using the same new departure rear brake and the schwinn front expander brake. The rear was done with cross 4 and the front was done with cross 3. I only put in new spokes on the schwinn S2 rims. I got the heavy duty spokes from Memory Lane.

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    The spokes are the same length on the drop center and the Schwinn S-2 [10 5/8"], not sure why.

    I checked my vintage wheels [30] and they are all cross 3 and 10 5/8" long. One set is drop center rims and is cross 3 and still uses the 10 5/8" spokes.

    Wonder if AL used a vintage sheave or the new edition version?

    Have fun,
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    I'll have to try both and see

    I think I found the answer. I checked the pictures of the old, flat rim and it was laced cross 4. I laced the drop center rim cross three and they were just a bit too long. So I am thinking if I lace it cross four, it should be ok.

    I was able to find instructions for cross 3 lacing but cannot find detailed info on cross four. Anyone have a link to cross four lacing?

    Thanks.... Wayne
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    cross 3/cross 4

    I took my wheels in to a guy that had been building wheels at a schwinn dealer for years with spokes I got from memory lane. At the time I was going to use my old sheave but then it was dimpled and would grab the belt so I ordered a new sheave from whizzer, after the wheels were built. When he built them he told me how he crossed them and they were 4 on back and 3 on front. I also used the my old new departure brakes as well on the back and the schwinn expander brake on the front.
    Later, on my EZ motorbike build, I used my old sheave after getting it straightened and trued on a heavy duty built wheels for Worksman bikes. As a note, with the EZ after putting on the 3 inch pulley I am consistently running 25 mph on the level with out over-reaving the engine and it will pull that on hills as well.

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    Thanks everyone

    Thanks for all the great info guys. I will go over and sit down with all the parts and a beer, wait, nix the beer, and see if I can work it out.

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    What a great site.

    Wow Guenther,

    That site is fantastic! EVERYTHING needed to lace a wheel. Great pic of lacing pattern, perfect spoke calculator.

    Thanks... so much.

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    Most Excellent!

    Thanks for the link!