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Cross country tour: which motored bike?



Which motored bike would you build to drive across the USA?

I would start out with a recumbent bike with a suspension, such as a Burley recumbent or similar. For a motor system, I would go with the Golden Eagle EHO35 35cc Robin/Subaru Mini-4, with a large gas tank. I would experiment with building a fairing out of coroplast, a plastic material that is constructed like cardboard but it is plastic. Fenders and mirrors are a must. To carry gear, probably I would use a trailer, if I could not find a good location on the recumbent for panniers. Many flashing lights on the back, bright yellow fairing color and a flag for visibility.

What would you run cross country?



after seeing what it'll do, i think i'd give a happy-time a shot at it...that's only because i'm not adverse to checking all the nuts and bolts during the cool-down stops.

but i'm firmly convinced that a GEBE or staton style setup is the way to go if you want to get there with clean hands...

oh! no matter what engine i used, it would be on my trusty, not too rusty, Sabrina 2.1...with the added length, i have tons-o-space for nice saddlebags...i love my motoredbike 8)

of course, remember that a bicycle is still a bicycle, & it's gonna come with it's own set of endurance problems...speakin' of which (for anyone who remembers my tire problems during the coastal run) i just ordered this for the rear: https://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ZZ305A71-Hutchinson+Acrobat+Tire.aspx


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Dec 15, 2006
if there was a four stroke frame-mount that was reliable, I would pull a trailer behind it, anywhere and anytime
I just am not into the aethetics of rack-mounts (but I DO envy their reliability)
Unfortunately, I am not convinced of the average 2strokes longevity...
I have killed and seen killed a few more than I would have liked

but the distance part would be fine as long as you can do basic bicycle maintenance along the way and stop to let parts cool down (bike & engine), every once in a while...ie: bike parts are not designed for long duration,high speed running and bearings and other parts can overheat
I have done a few long trips (250 + miles)with a non-motoredbike, and would have no prob pitching a tent if needed (a long ride is always better with company ! :))


So AZ when would you have the time to make a trip?I'm game for a long run I plan to use my GRR with the 40cc gebe kit and pull a trailer so lett me know when and I'll ride over to Phoenixand meet ya ......how about we ride to the 2008 rally in O-Park and see Augi and the crew?


you guys are all awesome!
I plan on getting my whizzer fine tuned and trying again with it.
I AM going to change out the front fork assy. with a Whizzer hydraulic unit,
But I also just like the challenge of the whizzer, i like the power, and the four stroke (not having to mix oil).
But for me, it's just all about the challenge of the Whizzer specifically.
If I were to look at bulding a bike for long distance (without being engine specific) I'd probably (and have plans to build this kit someday) use my brand new Tanaka 40cc purefire with centrifugal clutch, chain drive, rear mounted.


My vote would be a fully suspended mountain bike with a center mounted Chinese engine....Of course some modding would be needed because most rear suspension bikes use the area where the engine would sit for the shock or other linkages....I believe center mounts look nicer and they do have a better balance than the top/rear heavy rackmounts.


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Sep 30, 2006
This new Tanaka 33 GEBE setup, but switching out the 22 oz. tank with the 96 oz. from Staton, would definitely pull the load.

I'm preparing for a long ride in some direction early fall, the only major upgrade is I've ordered one of those Armadillo/Kevlar heavy rear tires from my bicycle shop, in addition to my slime tubes and Mr. Tuffies.

The "wish list" item is a small pup tent to replace the dome I carry now, but I may just use old boy scout knowledge and use two tarps to make a decent cover.


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Sep 30, 2006
Here's a coinkydink-crossing the country

An indie film opens soon, about a guy crossing Seattle to Boston, on a Segway, in 100 days, called "10 mph".


According to the interview, he has Wyoming/vortex experiences like our Rif !

Loco- have you got a closeup of the trailer hitched to the bike?? When you look at that setup, combined with the bamboo trailer someone posted last month, it would be very easy to pull light/bulky items behind a bike.

A closeup would be appreciated, especially if it has some type of "quick release" so the wagon could be parked on the outskirts of town when sightseeing.
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