Crossing Canada on a Motored Bike !

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    ( I hope it's ok to cross link forums like this, mods pls delete and accept my apology if it is )

    Young engineer from Vancouver BC crossing canada on an electric bike ! This is the guy behind, creator of the " Cycle Analyst " power meter i love so much, quite the contraption of a bike, modified with an Extracycle system to add cargo space..

    Into Ontario so far ! If anyone is in the path and can offer a power outlet he's on route to Moncton, i promissed i'd have cold beer in the fridge !

    All on 10 $ of electricity !

  2. Boy has an addicting smile. looks like he's got the right attitude!
    I may bring back MOOP and do that.
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    Pure awesome!
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    Now that is someone with spirit....
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    Now That Is A


    May God's blessings be with that young man ----

    Ride That Thing - from Mountainman
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    UPDATE : .. He made it !!!!!

    On Thursday Sep 25th i got a call to say he was in range and would be in Moncton NB on friday !!!

    I took a day off work to ride his way and meet up, rode along and offered a place to crash and charge up for the night, next day he was on his way to Halifax !! Got there on Sunday !

    Total trip = 7000 kms !!! 80 recharge cycles, and 2 months !

    Cost of electricity = 8 $ and change
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    Wow that is truly awesome. what an amazing ride that must have been. congrats to him. I should have gone to bed about an hour ago but i couldnt stop reading on it.