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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by solorbob, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I'm looking for some suggestions for a good cruiser or cruiser chopper type bike to motor in the future. I'm just looking for one to ride around until I figure out if I want a rack mount chain drive, rack mount friction, or a frame mount 2 or 4 cycle, etc... I'm a bigger dude, going around the 300lb mark, so this can't be a cheesy, little intro bike.

    Must haves... 12 g. spokes, and a big comfy seat. I would like to keep it under the $200 - $400 price range, if that is possible.


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    consider the Schwinn Heavi Duti. Many people will remember those as "paperboy" bikes.

    I looked at the Schwinn website a few months ago and they still have such a model.
    About $250.00
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    Bike shops are trying to get rid of the 2008 Felt cruisers. Find a dealer near you and see what models they have in stock and make an offer. I called a local shop and they offered to knock off $100 on a Felt Hurley cruiser without me even mentioning money.