Cruiser Classic headset/bar mod.

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by JemmaUK, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. JemmaUK

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    I've made a major change to the bike today. Basically I have reversed the headset on the bike and redone all the controls to suit. It looks alot more like one of the early 1920's bikes and the steering is alot more direct. Its also fun to see the springer bouncing away :grin:

    The only problem I have run into with this setup is knees and handlebars when pedalling slowly (from stop), they tend to collide... and manuvering the bike is harder because the end of the bars hit my legs - this should be solved by moving the seat back further (which means a new seatpost )

    I've also moved the storage bag I had on the bars to the RHS rear of the bike using the GEBE mount to put it on the bike. I *might* be able to fit another bag on the other side if I can wrangle it into the curve of the pipe.

    My fuel tank is leaking slightly from the top bolt mounting on the RHS of the fuel tank but I cant see a leak anywhere - is there anything I can use to stop it?

    Comfortable cruise is now 31mph and the bike will wind out another 4-5mph above that WOT.

    Pictures are attached

    Jemma xx

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  2. del

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    Beautiful, bike, Jemma,

    As for your leak, that's tough... If you can find where it's coming from, that would help. Somewhere out there, I think, there are dyes you can add to the fuel that will help you find the source of the leak.

  3. The same stuff i used to mod my tank you can probably use. It's that epoxy clay you should find in your local auto parts store. When you mead it with your fingers within a few minutes it dries rock hard. The stuff I used is called water weld but I'm in the states.

    Wow your bike looks NICE!

    I'm thinking your gooseneck (stem,bar holder,headset) could be changed to one that doesn't have that much of a pull. They make goosenecks that the handlebar mount is closer to the pivot point. Kiddie bikes would have them.And older BMX bikes. And it should still mount up.
    That should give you an inch or more clearance.
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  4. softride

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    Hi Jemma
    hope your recovering from your crash
    Devcon is a metal putty for your leak when you find it
    available back in UK its good stuff but spendy as i remember
    your Bike looks great
  5. Here. Find a gooseneck like this and you'll be rolling.

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