Cruiser frame that fits stock front mount?

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    My question lies within the title.

    A little background info: I built a bike a little over a year ago using a raleigh comfort bike and the dax 50 engine kit. a few things failed on it (my fault due to improper install and not taking good care of the bike... jumping etc..) mainly my front mount. I used dax's clamshell adapter and was riding on an abandoned golf course where i was jumping my bike and when i landed the front mount studs both broke off. The plastic inside the throttle housing kept breaking on me also. I left the bike alone for quite some time and have always wanted to get it up and running again yet lacked the extra time and money to do so. The engine probably oonly has ~100 miles on it.
    Ive renewed my interest and was just planning on starting over with a new kit when i went into my garage and realized all i needed was a new throttle assembly,throttle cable, large frame adaptor, and front mount studs. Those things, along with a new idle speed screw and minor parts, is only gonna run me about $45. So now im stoked, and im also looking to buy a new cruiser.

    Now heres where i need a bit of help: Are there any reasonably priced cruisers with a front down-tube small enough to fit the stock front mount? As of now im planning on getting a Schwinn Landmark to put my kit onto, unless of course I can find a cruiser that will accept the stock front motor mount.

    Thanks :D

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    I highly doubt you will be able to mount a HT on a cruiser with the stock mount. Correctly anyways. For a perfect correct fit the frame needs to be a 75 degree angle.
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    Ahh thats what I figured.. Thanks anyhow though!

    Hate to be such a bother but i have one more question..

    I was planning on buying the parts i needed from dax because thats where i purchased my kit,his prices seem to be really good, and his reputation excellent. Are there any other sites anyone would like to recommend i go to for parts? pricewise and quality-wise(as quality as ht components get)

    Much thanks again,
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    Sorry I lied... One last question... hehe

    Dax offers a throttle setup with the grip, killswitch/housing, and 59 inch cable for only $13, while a throttle housing, pair of grips, and cable come out to about $18.. My question is: Is the throttle setup that is advertised as "perfect for rear mounts" compatible with the HT throttle setup without modification?

    Also-- will the U-bracket large frame adapter fit a schwinn landmark???

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    We have a number of good vendors...I won't pick any one particular . We have a vendor forum that list vendors and a section for rating them.

    Cable ??? Yes should be as close to OEM, although I don't know if they are of a better quality.

    "U" bracket...from who and what is the part #...a link would be helpful to understand exactly what you are looking at.
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    Its a universal frame adapter.. i just described it as a U-bracket sorry for any confusion.

    scroll down and its on the right side. (the throttle assembly im referring to is also on that page)
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    The throttle depicted is as close to, if not OEM as I've seen. As far as the front mount bracket I'd much rather use this one. [​IMG] . that is if I didn't make my own. You will find out that the engine needs to ride up on the seat tube so the chain will have extra clearance from the frame, and the engine from the chain guard on the right. When installing this bracket it really needs to be flipped over so the engine will ride higher on the front tube due to the curvature. That is why I built this bracket [​IMG] as tall as I did. The one on my sons mountain bike is very short. I mount the rear mount first then adjust the engine height, then make the mount to fit the frame.
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    Thanks for all the mount info, I really appreciate it!

    What does OEM mean exactly?
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    OEM...Original Equipment Manufacture Like going to a dealership to get a part. Some parts are OEM only and some are made aftermarket. For example a AC spark plug is OEM and a Champion is aftermarket.