Cruiser Is finally Finished and Ready for Selling

Ok, it took longer than I expected, but now it is done and almost through break in. Took the Huffy Causeway (decent older cantilever frame) down to the frame, cheap rattle can paint job, took all the rust off the only components I used; crank, chain ring, seat post and stem. Could not get the chain guard on as the motor is too low. New handle bars, grips, aluminum twist grip, dual break lever with stop light switch (future upgrade to lucky owner), all new cables, upgraded bolt on tank (thanks Karl for that $35 tip) super magneto and CDI, new schwinn comfort seat, nice heavy duty steel mirror, heavy duty Husky steel rims with 12 GA spokes and disc brake hubs (removed from by BS Berry motor ready bike with the bent wheels I could not use) with bolt on sprocket, factory brake conversion bracket on front and custom built bracket on the back wheel, universal rack (Thanks Damien and guy who made the assembly video as it comes with no instructions) rechargeable flashing LED front and rear lights and topped off with a genuine new leather single bag. (Ok, so while it is new, it is actually a women's concealed carry purse left over from my concealed carry bag business of 10 years ago but works great!) $650??? (the Tach strapped on in the picture which looks terrible is not included!)


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