Cruiser Six 100th anniversary

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  1. wezwheels

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    This is the Schwinn cruiser six 100th anniversary edition in mat black. Hand filed and polished jug. 80cc with on board battery and lighting. 7mm accel plug wire, 1970 dorcy speedo, 1970`s tail lighting with polished crome turn signals. First build ran for 1005 miles and threw the piston rod bearing. wedged the piston in the cylinder. total freeze up! watch those bearings boys...

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A really good looking bike. Did I understand you right? This is actually a bike made recently? A retro, but new, bike?

    If so, then I know what bike I want for my next build....
  3. h0tr0d

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    What does "Cruiser Six 100th Anniversary" mean exactly?
  4. wezwheels

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    Cruiser 6

    this is schwinns 1996 100th anniversary cruiser six model. it came as a six speed beach cruiser. i removed all the parts and did some minor modes to the frame. then did modes to get all heavy duty parts. the only original parts on the bike are the handle bars and neck. thank for you interest. ride hard!
  5. wezwheels

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    yea u got it. its a throw back to the old. its a 1996 model bike that was completely redone. the only original parts are the handlebars and neck. thanks for the compliment! i worked my butt off on this one. my best friend and his dad got me started and have been a major help! we throw around different idea`s all the time. were all learning how to bend the bikes and the mind. he he! thank again for the nod. have a good ride.
  6. lordoflightaz

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    Looks nothing like my Cruiser Six.

    I got this a couple weeks ago. I don't know how old it is all the tubes are 1". For the time being it will be a standard install, until I can figure out how to justify another shift kit and how I can put the kit on and still have a right chain guard.

    I really like the folding rear baskets, I plan on using the bike as my small grocery getter. I will add a trailer hitch so it can get to Sam's Club, I have some time since the dog is not out of food.

    I hope mine comes out half as nice as yours.

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  7. wezwheels

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    wow nice ride, good start. just start adding and your going to be there in no time. its a labor of love. plus the gas mileage is out of this world. ha ha.
  8. biken stins

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    Have a 100th anniversary classic cruiser.
    Where did you get your lights ? They look good.
    Good job on your build !
  9. wezwheels

    wezwheels New Member

    thanks, the head light is a back up light from a trailer. and the rear is a brake light from a 1970`s trailer. there both new old stock. thanks to my dad. he gave me the vintage tail light. found the head light at the flea market. nothing beats a schwinn cruiser for the looks.