Crusty old lawnmower gas tank project

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    So I got this old mower tank from my brother and I thought, "Hell yeah, this'll make an interesting gas tank for my bike!" So a little prep and vwalla! Holds around a gallon. If you notice the last picture, that is my solution to a leaky vent hole that was in the cap. Fuel was leaking pretty good from the stock little vent hole in the top of the cap so I came up with a mod to get 100% fuel tight venting. I used a hose barb fitting with steel and neoprene washer on top and Viton rubber inside the cap with a special vent tip like that on motorcycles and stuff that allows air out but not fuel. All this stuff together allowed me to achieve 100% fuel tight venting with no leaking like that from the original pin hole vent in the top of the cap. All in all it turned out pretty good!

    IMAG1130.jpg VIDEO0071_0000000000.jpg IMAG1186.jpg IMAG1187.jpg

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    Very nicely done.
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