Crusty old lawnmower gas tank project

Hello Moto!

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Mar 20, 2016
So I got this old mower tank from my brother and I thought, "Hell yeah, this'll make an interesting gas tank for my bike!" So a little prep and vwalla! Holds around a gallon. If you notice the last picture, that is my solution to a leaky vent hole that was in the cap. Fuel was leaking pretty good from the stock little vent hole in the top of the cap so I came up with a mod to get 100% fuel tight venting. I used a hose barb fitting with steel and neoprene washer on top and Viton rubber inside the cap with a special vent tip like that on motorcycles and stuff that allows air out but not fuel. All this stuff together allowed me to achieve 100% fuel tight venting with no leaking like that from the original pin hole vent in the top of the cap. All in all it turned out pretty good!




i like it because it reminds me of the time i had rebuilt my bike using mostly older hard to find parts that were only available at the car parts place down on fifth street right below Hankers Hardware which is where we used to buy the paint that my dad would paint his car with because the factory paint always chipped off due to the fact that the roads were always tarred and chipped because the winters were so harsh here in the southern area of Wisconsin which is 2 miles from the farm that raises the cows that they use to make the milk to make that really good Wisconsin cheddar that people eat while watching that boring sh*t they call football not really knowing that it is in fact really boring sh*t.