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    Dear Fellow Members-Has anyone bought or know much about the new Whizzer clones called the Cruzzer? I was able to access and, besides Joe Lins EBay Cruzzer listing. Supposedly they sell for around $2k and have an optional ceramic cyclinder. Moderators, if this is in the wrong location, please move. I understand that the Cruzzer bikes are NOT affiliated at all with the older Taiwan or vintage US Whizzer bikes-Gearhead222

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    From what I've heard, the factory in Taiwan that produces the "Cruzzer" is the same that manufactured the bikes for Whizzer-USA.
    Since WhizzerUSA owns the rights to the name, the factory can't legally call them a "Whizzer", so they are selling them under the "Cruzzer" name instead.

    I've had no dealings with Joe Lin (heard a lot of horror stories about his customer service), but, have dealt quite a bit with Whizzer-Paul.
    Paul is an honest guy and great to do business with.

    $2k sounds a bit steep for one. I'd rather save some money and find a good used NE-5 (preferably a 2005 model).
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    Thanx for the quick and detailed reply. I agree, $2K is way too much for one of these bikes!-Gearhead222
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    Gearhead, can you give more info about this ceramic cyclinder?

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    Taken from Joe Lin's WC1 Manufacturer's Blog: Everything coming from his shop is noted on that blog; interesting reading. I ordered what looks to be a true NE5 cylinder head a few years back and the service was incredibly quick, not to mention great communication with Mr Lin.

    I like this and it's something that should have been done in Day 1. But truth be told, the aluminum/ceramic finish on your cylinders and heads looks much better.

    Take Care,
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    I'm interested in hearing someone's first hand account of the so called "ceramic cylinder" also.

    From the images, it looks like the old NE-5 cylinder (larger intake valve, no seperate valve block, etc...)
    except, with no offset restrictor in the intake (looks to be a straight shot to the valve pocket).

    Might make a good runner.
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    This is what Joe Lin e-mailed me. I do not own a Whizzer nor a Cruzzer, so there's nothing at stake for me:

    I think that you are talking about the old issues of the earlier whizzers. The ceramic cylinder increased the engine performance and lasting life. If you use this ceramic cylinder, you don't need any over sized piston set and re-honing your cylinder in the future. If you ceramic engine loses compression, you just replace a set of standard piston only and don't need to spend a big money to re-honing the cylinder and over sized piston set. If you have any further, you can either contact with me or talk with Paul.
    Best regards,

    - che3732wc1
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    From reading Joe's message above, it seems he is implying that the cylinder is made entirely of a ceramic based compound, including the cylinder bore. His blog also mentions that the ceramic cylinders are "lighter than the aluminum cylinders with iron bore".

    However, looking at the pictures on his ebay adds make it look like an aluminum cylinder with a ceramic heat coating.
    In this photo from one of his ebay listings, you can see what appears to be the outline of a cylinder liner on the deck.

    ceramic cylinder liner.jpg

    Does anyone have one of these cylinders to verify if it is indeed a full ceramic, or just a ceramic coating?
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    The Whizzer clone, (cruzzer and cyclone) back door whizzers. started back in 2000.

  12. Whizzerpaul and joe lin are both scammers If I had it to do over I'd of bought another 2stroke kit the ne5 engine's are junk the cylinder is chrome plated and will bubble up the ceramic jug is just painted and comes off there aluminium nothing more the carb had metal shavings in the boul have had nothing but problems outta the engine I purchased from whizzerpaul and joe lin well he's a slope so he just dont know what the hell he's doing he sells back stock of these engine's left over from the whizzer contract I now see why they went out of business cruzzermotors is the product of both of these scammers once they get your money thats it if you have problems they'll say it's your fault I had to threaten them with lawyers to get replacement parts for their junk engine pic is crack in housing from chrome plated cylinder and bad casting due to stupid people in Taiwan I have a 99 whizzer with running ne5 engine and second wc1 engine with bad valve seats for sale make reasonable offer I'll buy me a 2 stroke I have had my 2 stroke 3 years lots of miles and only thing I've done is retoqured the head bolts twice unlike the whizzer so good luck but I'd stay away from whizzerpaul joe lin and cruzzer motorbikes Howard

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  14. There just coated and chrome plated cylinder
  15. Joe lin is a scammer if theyd of put a insert in the cylinder it would have been a good design as it stands its just as bad as the wc1 engine if not worse
  16. You are a lieing pice of sh*t these cylinders are coated all aluminium and chrome plated bore not a insert just a pice of junk and you dont stand behind your product wasted lots of money on your scam any one who buys your product will see just as I have your a scammer
  17. Joe you are a lieing little chink bitch you scam every one who buys parts from you
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    I'd like to see close up pics of your bubbling chrome cylinder.
  19. Racie35

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    Okay...the cylinder jug has a sprayed on substance that may be ceramic or may not...but either way it does more falling off than it does anything else.
    The cylinder does have a iron or steel liner's not chromed aluminum like I keep hearing. Anyone with a magnet can check that themselves.
    The valve job is pathetic and if you have either size of intake valve, it won't matter because on the bigger they just pull the small and drop in the big a valve regrind is in order and while your at it , shim the springs or buy stronger ones.
    They come with a fairly rugged engine lower end though if you're buying an engine. They saved some more Taiwan dollars by slapping a gy6 flywheel on though(same as any scooter) and it's not dedicated to the engine so for the most part..bad idea.
    Cams have also been changed, but nothing bad and you'll get better lifters with the newer ones.
    Whizzer Paul is not a crook or liar...he tries his best with most parts to satisfy the sure he can't replace it all out of pocket and therein lies some of your rage and name calling.
    A persons nationality or ethnicity really? You're being kinda cruel.
    Earlier I offered to fix your engine and you went right into how many years and all the experience you not affiliated with either person but I also never said yould be charged a fee. You declined..I asked if you wanted to donate the engines..another no. That's fine but when I told you there was a solution, I wasn't making it up.
    I've also seen the damage in your pics...isn't what you think.
    Relax off the name calling and fix your stuff man...have some fun ...
    Offer stands
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    Paul Frey is a stand up,honest man!I've bought many parts over 5 or 6 years now,and never had a negative experience.Sometimes he sends me the parts b4 ive paid him! Whizzerpaul rules! Jeff Hedberg,San Diego,CA.
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