crystalyte/gx35 recumbent

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    Hi, I'm new here.
    We are just putting the finishing bolts on an 750 electric hub/ honda gx35 / human powered recumbent. We are trying out the scooter 5:1 gear box with another 4:1 or so reduction by 8mm chain to a triple freewheeling rear wheel (one freewheel pressed on a freehub and another screwed on).
    Gx35 is geared for 4000 rpm : 30km/hr (8000rpm : 60km/hr)
    The electric will assist starting and hill climbing. The plan is to have the gas push the bike along fast enough to charge the battery enabling long range with good hill climbing and simple , efficient drive train. I am guessing that the charging will start around 50km(30mi)/hr. We'll test, measure output and take a few picks later this week.