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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PatrickW, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. PatrickW

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    I am very curious why most people don't use Policeman, Police Woman, Officer, Police Officer; Or, for those from the 60's and 70's brain-fried Hippies, "Pigs," when they are writing. Almost ALL use COP. Is this meant to be derogatory? I'd really like my friends (and not my friends) thoughts on this. Thanks.
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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Cop is short and very much too the point, without in my view being in any way derogatory. Just that simple. I've known and worked with a bunch of them in my life, and never known any who raised any objection to being called cops.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm from the 70's era... 24 at that time. I belong to 2 fishing forums and 2 bike forums and for the most part I see the term LEO's used which encompasses a wide range of Law Enforcement Officers. I have COP friends that use the term COP., also but that's about it. I hadn't heard or seen the term PoPo up till 2 years ago...I guess I've just lived in a cave too long. Those that called LEO's "pigs" makes me wonder who they would go to should say their mother/sister/wife was mugged, raped and left for dead.

    I'm not particularly fond with all that the LEO's do. Some (and a very few) take their postilion to their heads, but the overall majority are doing a fine job. Just remember for those of you that are anti police/anti gun won't have a choice if a crook wants what you have if there weren't for the threat of LEO's. Crooks will always have guns even if they have to make them. I like mine factory made.
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  4. kerf

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    I have always heard that Cop comes from Constable On Patrol, which seems logical and most non-derogatory.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    Around the year 1700, the slang verb cop entered English usage, meaning "to get a hold of, catch, capture." By 1844, cop showed up in print, and soon thereafter the -er suffix was added, and a policeman became a copper, one who cops or catches and arrests criminals. Copper first appeared in print in 1846, the use of cop as a short form copper occurred in 1859.
  6. PatrickW

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    Kerf--You are came from the English "Constable On Patrol". It was a little sign put up in storefront windows to alert and deter burglars in a neighborhood.
    Ron--You are correct with LEO. Most police prefer it.
  7. PatrickW

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    I agree that COP is short and sweet, but doesn't anyone think it might be mis-interpreted? LEO is short and sweet, and would never be understood as derogatory. I have never heard anyone yell, "You #$%^&*( LEO!" But I have heard many, many times, "You #$%^&*( COP!. Any thoughts? I'm hoping for as many responces as possible.
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  8. Stan4d

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    Wow! I have never thought about how many terms there are for police officers.

    I have a few relatives that are officers. I have heard them say "I am a Cop" when describing their job, LEO may be more of a regional term.
    But, I think the intent behind which the terms are used is easily determined and that is what matters. If you add any expletives to ANY term it changes greatly. (For example: "That guy is an f$%^&*@ priest.")
  9. srdavo

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    I've heard...... "Watch out for our f*#&^*% Local LEOs."

    "5-O" seems to be popular, too.

    I prefer "Officer Obie".


  10. Stan4d

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    The man never enforced the leash law, but do not litter in his town!!
  11. eastwoodo4

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    i dont really use the word cop to much.ill usually say watch out theres the man.

    now about my family being left for dead,i would be out looking for them with my own pistol.better chance of getting justice that way.
    in my opinion,cops are cowards,atleast 93% of them.if someone has a gun on you most cops will not come to your rescue untill they get atleast 5 other coppers to back them up and that my friend is not their then you could be dead.

    in my opinion you make a big mistake thinking people who are anti cop are anti gun.most anti gun people are not anti cop,they think the cops will protect them and everyone else and thats where they make a critical mistake.the best and first line of defense is you!
  12. kerf

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    And I thought "hippie" was out of vogue.
  13. WhizBangAndy

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    Hmm.. Just listened to Alice's Restaurant yesterday. Gotta love the classics!