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    Hi All!
    I'm back again with another stupid question...
    Ok...I'm building a new recumbent tadpole trike. I'll be installing a new Grubee 66cc (Yes I learned ALOT with the one I have) and I think dual exhaust would look really nifty..if I were to weld a small section or 1x1x1/8 square tubing to the exhaust manifold, and attach two exhaust mufflers to it...would it have enough backpressure to run the engine? Or would it hurt the engine?
    Also...does anyone have any line on a 12 volt magneto for lighting? I saw one on Ebay once, but haven't seen one since...Kinda like to add some nice lightining to the rig (Already nicknamed "Zoom-Zoom")

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    ill keep an eye on this thread coz im looking for somthing like that
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  4. I have "dual" exhaust on my first build, and it looks and sounds great. I have a 4 stroke thou, don't know how it will act on a 2 stroke. But on my next build I plan to use a 2 stroke and also have dual exhaust. But on my 4 stroke, I've noticed it runs better with the dual exhaust. Breathes a lot better
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    Anvil- that generator is designed for the 2 stroke kits. It might be possible to make one to fit a 4 stroke engine, I know some snowblowers have some kind of generator on the engine to drive the light. But I don't know what they look like.

    On the exhaust- back pressure causes engines to loose power verses an open exhaust. But the carb jetting needs to be richened up if you open up a restrictive exhaust.
    No racing engine ever is given back pressure- just the opposite is done.

    I just did a search on ebay for techumseh light coil and found one (what it fits I do not know)-
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  6. I have an alternator from a Tecumseh Tiller that I hoped to put on my Tecumseh H-35, but i don't know how I'd attach it to the flywheel.
    Maybe you could help me with that
    But on the exhaust- I thought 2 strokes liked a little back pressure, which is why they sell expansion chambers. I don't know, I just now aquired a 2 stroke, just going off what I've heard
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    Anvil- the lighting coil does not attach to the fywheel, it is like an ignition coil which is located so that a magnet on the flywheel flying by it makes electrical power.

    The expansion chamber works by a reflective wave shooting back at certian RPMs which packs the mixture back into the cylinder at that rpm range- giving a boost. A racing 2 stroke exhaust is straight thru- low restriction but having a body shape to give the reflecting pulse.

    Read Jaguar's information on his website (look at one of his posts to get his site address) - a lot of good stuff is there!
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    if it fits, go for it!

    but forget about this notion of "backpressure" please? do some research instead :) much more rewarding