Currie Experts, I need you in here real fast (power issues?)

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  1. So, today I made it out to beautiful monroe ohio, because a guy we talked to told us that Currie dumped like 15 bikes at some sort of salvage sale place. All the bikes were pretty trashed, but they were going for 70 bucks. So I took the bike that was mostly complete, and the only one with a battery. The only thing it was really missing was the battery terminal on one side of the rack.

    My friend has a working currie, and we tried putting his battery on my ebike and turning the switch to on. The indicator lights don't come on. I took a peek inside the control cavity and didn't see any burnt or disconnected wires, but I didn't take a hard look. there are two ring terminals that went where there once was a battery terminal, and they were kind of just hanging off the bike. How do I go about starting to troubleshoot the issue? I know the battery is fine, because it works on my friends e-bike. Where should I start looking?

    Thanks guys.

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    Well i'm no expert on the Currie system but have spent a few hours fixing the problems you have mentioned. Most of the connections on the bike are quite trashy. Right at the battery is the worst. I have removed the wires from the terminal blocks, drilled a hole in the battery case and hooked the wires direct to the batteries inside the case. No more problems in that area. I also hot glued the battery case to the rack to stop the cases from bouncing around and causing more problems. I would also go over every single connection and improve them as i've had to fix almost all of them anyway.
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    At 70 bucks i would have picked up as many of the bikes as i could have. My mind starts thinking of dual motor setups. as well as many spare parts.
  4. Okay, I tore the throttle open, and it seems that the red, white, and blue wires came apart inside the throttle. The pins they are soldered too actually broke off where they meet the plastic. Does anybody know what order these wires are soldered to the pin? The wiring diagram isn't detailed enough.
  5. Fixed it! 70 bucks for a working bike....not bad.