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    Hi all, i am new here but not new to ebiking.
    i bought a currie electro drive kit for my mountain bike about 2 years ago for my commute to work(30 miles round trip). The 24v currie could get me to work ok (with a lot of pedal assist) but the speeds were not impressive, in fact i could actually pedal faster than the motor could take me, motor was great for hills however.
    I upgraded to a 750w 48v motor with crystalyte controller, about a year ago, but now with lack of money cannot afford the lipo batterys to power it. 48 volts of sla way too heavy so not an option.
    My question is has anyone done or seen some mods to the currie setup where the motor has been relocated from its intended posistion to a posistion where it can take advantage of the bike gears? I have seen 1 guy on youtube that has done this, but what i am looking for is some ideas on how to mount the motor, gear ratios etc etc.
    I was hoping someone on here has already done this and could advise me or point me in the right direction.

    Any help advice greatly appreciated.


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    how about a lot of old motorcycle batteries put together ?
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    I have the izip so I am very aware of your motor.Right away my first thought is the gearing. The gear ring sprocket is huge compared to the sprocket on the rear wheel. Would all the gears on the bike make up for this, I don't know.
    One guy made a plate up that holds two motors in place of the one original. Both motors ran the same chain, which was made a little longer.This way, he was able to double his voltage.
    All this may be too late for you because you have spent money on some top of the line mods.
    I can't see where you are from, would you be willing to spend $400 hundred bucks and fit a gas kit, along with the jackshaft kit on it? That's what I did and it works great. You get to keep the electric working and can also peddle or use the gas. it's the best of both worlds.
    Have you even installed that stuff you bought? If not you could sell it and use the money and rethink you goals. If you have installed it, two batteries mounted low on each side of the rear wheel would not be such a big deal. Sure mine is starting to weigh as much as a moped but what are you going to do?
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    Well that's exactly what I'm about to do. I been whating todo it even before I bought my E-zip. Here's a couple of my threads that the evolution of the ideas:

    I'm ordering the parts for the front freewheel tomorrow and my Li Po's are being fitted to the battery packs. The Li Po's cost almost 1/2 what I expected BTW. I going to set up the front freewheel like the guys in the pic. As for exactly how I'm goin to mount it I'm not sure but going to involve exhaust clamps. The location is going to be like the drawing. I want to leave room for a SickParts kit next year.

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    Hi all, i live in the UK to Gas motor is not an option im affraid.
    Ozzy where did you get your lipos so cheap?
    I think the 48v setup i have now with lipos would give me a reasonable speed, but running through the derailuer gears would make it considerably faster with no added weight. Ozzy keep me posted of your progress i am very interested in your design intentions.
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    It really not about the ability to go really fast for me, although it certainly would. I think its it much more efficient. It would be nice to be in high gear and goin 30 MPH at 1/2 throttle. I just wrote more on this thread