Currie US Pro-drive parts wanted

I'm looking for the roller clutch assembly

this has a directional bearing....for lack of a better description. It allows the motor to turn the sprocket.....but freewheels when the motor in not in use.
I've called a couple dealers...out of stock. These kits are no longer being manufactured. was not taking phone calls yesterday.

here's an ebay auction # 260133172625 of a newer model Currie. Mine only has 1 drive chain.
If anyone has an old Currie electro drive bicycle kit lying around, let me know.

This could be a long shot, but I believe that the "clutch bearing" you're in need of is available to purchase seperately. Look to see if there is a name or part number stamped on the bearing insert that might give you some info regarding manufacturer. You might want to try McMaster-Carr (on line) to see if they sell that type of thing, otherwise just search the internet for just the bearing insert. If the supplier of that sprocket doesn't make them anymore, you're going to have to explore other options to replace that part.
good idea...the numbers are plainly viewable on whats left of the bearing. and we have Bates Bearing here in town....I think they boast having access to every bearing made.

Whoohoo!!! Just got off the phone with Bates bearing. These clutched bearings are common....but not in stock. They will have one here on Thursday!! six bucks!!

thanks a bunch prowler.
I'm still interested in a used/basketcase currie kit.

I mistakenly diagnosed the drag I was feeling while pedaling as the motor dragging, so I bought a new 600 watt motor. that's when the bearing completely trashed out. so, it looks like I have 2 good motors.