Custom buiding rear sprocket

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by relaxxx, Aug 25, 2008.

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    So after upgrading my 44T to a 36T and being surprised that it's not much of a difference I want to go even smaller. So I'm thinking I could order something and wait weeks or make my own 28-31 tooth sprocket for nothing. I could either find a proper width sheet of metal to work on or just use my 44T that already has center and mounting holes. All I really need is a proper size drill bit, and my trusty grinder.

    Only thing is, how am I going to measure and get the spacing just right for the center of my 30 holes I need to drill out to create the teeth. I should be able to measure the distance between each gap and multiply by 30 to give me the circumference then I can calculate the radius and all that.

    Sound good? Has anyone done this before or have Ideas on how to figure this out properly. I'd hate to drill out 30 holes and grind out a gear and find out I got the pitch all wrong! Maybe I'll make one out of cardboard first.

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    Find a place that sells gears, I get mine from Motion industrys or Allied Bearing Co. I like the 32T, less than 10 bucks.

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    What's with all the holes?

    I got my 36T for $10.99 shipped but took two weeks and I had to tool the **** out of it anyway. This is just something I want to do for kicks with my 44t that I'll never use again.
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    Well here's what Ive done so far; marked, punched and drilled. I still need to get a slightly larger bit to complete the holes and then cut and tool the teeth with my angle grinder. It'll be a 29 tooth!

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    do a search for Giles Puckett and sprocket program. It's on one of the bicycle forums I frequent. It's a program that designs custom sprockets for recumbents and such. I am at work now so don't have access to my normal internet short cuts.:cool:

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    I don't like plain sprockets plus they are lighter:smile: