Custom built chopper. (not stingray)

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  1. kaino(Aus)

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    here is a pic of my motored chopper bike i built. steel frame, aluminium fuel tank, suspention seat, Stainless Steel front end and exhaust, 66cc zbox engine. modded hongua carb. goes hard! i live in aus on the gold coast and it is for sale on ebay at the moment.

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  2. lazydog

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    Nice lookin bike, nice work. That gas tank is hot man. I'm diggin it.
    Questions for my build now :whistling:
    Hows the mud guard work? Looks like it's attached to the seat but that can't be right with the seat suspension it would rub the tire.
    What size Tires?
    you must have a shop I cant get square tubing bend for nothing

    very cool. :bowdown:
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  3. kaino(Aus)

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    cheers ld,
    yea the mudguard does rub a bit but its only a plastic one for now. i want a steel set.
    tyres are 26" rear is a maxxis Hookworm. its huge. the best tyre for this application hands down. my old bike gained 5-8kph when i put it on.
    and yes i do work in a fabrication shop. we do mainly balustrades and window screens but that got a bit boring.
    good luck building your own heres a few more pics.

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  4. HeadSmess

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    goldies huh? i made the awnings for some place called meccabar up there... until i get me license and can do some travelling myself, theres a lot of jobs ive done ill never get to see :(

    wish i could do foreign orders at work! wait...i can! :D

    havent tried a pushie yet though...looks like it might be worth a go tho!