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    So I had my custom built moto-pedal up for sale last year but some of you might have noticed that it was marked as sold....I actually didn't sell it, I just marked it as sold because I was trying to fix an issue with it to get it ready for this season. So it's finally up and running again this season. Long story short, I had a rear wheel bearing issue at the end of last season that really messed things up. I was running an open ball bearing hub that seized on me while riding without me noticing so I was running it while the axle was spinning in the dropouts. The drop out holes got all worn and torn up and some other circumstances (dumb on my part) lead to the swing arm bending and one of the arms breaking off.

    The good news is, like any engineering project, you learn from your mistakes so for this year I've put a few hundred into an awesome quad sealed bearing hub, new spokes, new Kenda nevegal rear tire, new avid disc brake and slightly used XT derailleur. The pictures show the old chain but I have a brand new chain that I will be putting on. I also straightened the dropouts, filled in, re-fabricated the drop out holes, straightened and re-welded the swing arm. It should be noted that the only reason the swing arm broke in the first place is that I did something dumb and forgot to tighten the QR on the rear wheel while I was dragging it home with the seized rear wheel bearings, it was strong to begin with but now it's even stronger. The only downside is the paint is removed in those areas but to me, it's a non issue. FWIW, if someone was picky, the swingarm can be repowder coated or re-spray in those areas....I just didn't feel like it.

    I've also added a heavy duty clutch lever which is a night and day difference, soooo much easier to clutch now, big bonus.

    I just took the bike out on a grueling post repair test ride, steep hills, bumpy terrain, long distance and it's working better than before! The shifting is dialed in perfectly (actually needs to be or you will break chains every 2 secs), rear brake is straight, no rubbing, rear wheel rolls beautifully!


    If you're wondering about range, with a full tank, the bike will do close to 100km in distance, on paved, fairly flat terrain. If you're offroad, expect possibly 50-70km. If you pedal, ofcourse this will extend your range.
    weight: estimating around 70lbs, add a few lbs when tank is filled.

    top speed, flat ground, no head wind 150lb person about 50kph. This is just a super small 80cc air cooled engine about 5hp so don't expect to be popping wheelies but it will drag you along your favorite trails. Unfortunately, if you're over 150lbs, towards 200+ lbs, I just don't think it would have the spunk to provide you with any real fun, the motor would just be working too hard and forcing to pull you along so keep that in mind any lazy fat asses out there.

    Also, keep in mind you are buying a PROTOTYPE project, there are no guarantees on anything and some of the parts are one of a kind, if they break, you'll either have to fab them yourself or I'd have to build them for you but I would have to charge for it. This kind of bike is best for someone who is good with tinkering, has some fabrication experience and good knowledge of how to fix things. If you can weld, that's a plus. The bike is made from 6061 aluminum but it HAS NOT been heat treated which should be noted, you buy it and ride it at your own risk. I've been riding this bike for a year or two without any problems aside from the rear wheel issue, nothing has ever snapped on me, it's actually overbuilt but again there is no guarantee that or warranties. I've also been riding other aluminum frames for year, that havn't been heat treated and have never had an issue and I ride them hard. If you are just planning on doing light trail riding etc. I can personal guarantee(not legally though) that you will have no problems but if you were planning on jumping it, then that's another story.

    The bike works great, it's a blast to ride, but you have to keep in mind that you are running horspower through a bike chain, if your derailleur is not shifting PERFECTLY smooth, you get a branch stuck in it, rock etc. and you are 50km's out in the bush, you will snap a derailleur and chain in 2 secs! and it can happen at any time, anyday, anywhere so you have to be aware of this risk. You have to clutch it smoothly, be aware of bumpy terrain, when the chain will be pulled harshly by a bump or dip etc. etc., if there is a lot of debree on the trail etc. If you are careful, chances are you won't have a problem but if things do get twisted up, it can be a real PIA and the chances are much higher since you are running motored power through your drivetrain. Not trying to scare anyone but it's something to think about and must be understood.

    Price: 3999$CAD

    my price is up from last year, due to the new parts and I am in no rush to sell, and I also think the old price was a bit low seeing as how a descent downhill, FR or AMTb goes for no less than 2g's easily...but I'm definitely open to offers to anyone interested. Mostly seeing if there is any interest in something like this....Questions and comments are welcomed also.


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