custom chopper for sale! CHEAP!!!

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    OK guys... i have my chopper for sale. i hate to do it but i need money for school.

    This listing is for a custom motorized bicycle that was built by myself over the summer with my 10 years of experience as a Bicycle Technician.
    This chopper is really reliable and can maintain 40mph with downhill speeds around 50mph. I properly broke in the engine with the proper oil/fuel mix. It is now running on a synthetic mix. (400 miles or so on it now.)

    Anyways, onto the components. It has an 80cc, slant head (high compression), 2-stroke, PULL START motor with a jackshaft kit to utilize the 7 speed rear internal gears, which allows for a rapid speed increase up to 40 on the flats and faster with any downhill.
    From there we go to the massive KMC Extreme duty chain that drives this beast. (Definitely overkill :p)
    You can see the muffler is not what you would find on the TYPICAL: engine kit. This is an aftermarket tuned pipe for quick acceleration and top speed.
    The triple tree fork was made from scratch out of DOM tubing, not schedule 40 cheap stuff. It was custom made and is beyond strong enough.
    The frame was chopped and raked out and reinforced with a massive yet stylish gusset.
    The headlight is a 50 watt driving light in a chrome bullet housing to keep the chopper look, with its separate battery pack on the handle bars. SUPER BRIGHT!
    The wheels are alloy Wheelmaster built with a Shimano Nexus 7 speed rear for easy, smooth and reliable shifting. You dont need to use the clutch to shift, only to start off. To shift, you let off of the gas a little and twist the shifter with your left hand and give it more gas....its as simple as that smile
    The seat is the typical banana seat, reshaped and stuffed with pillow stuffing instead of the cheap foam that came with it for a nice soft ride.
    The dual brake calipers are actuated by a single brake lever, which has more than enough stopping power for this bike. (I was surprised myself, haha!)
    I could go on, but you would have to see this to appreciate it.

    I ride this bike around the town to go to work, the store, the beach, etc in order to save gas. It gets around 80mpg if you ride it at top speed. This means on one 2L tank, you can go about 40 miles while going "balls out".
    I have built this bike to be fully reliable with minimal upkeep (keeping the chain and bearings lubed every month or so or as needed, spark plug every year or so...)
    The bike has alot of rake but is a blast to ride. I get thumbs up everywhere i go...its one of its kind! It is nearly impossible to take this bike out without getting that grin smeared across your face.
    It is very stable above about 2mph. With different gears on a downhill, i have had this bike around the 50mph mark or more...but i changed the gears to be more street/hill friendly.

    I enjoy this bike, but i have my eyes set on the next project, so i will sadly have to let this go :-/ .
    I do believe this bike will last a long time, as it has been built without cutting any corners.

    I have over $1300 invested in parts...not including 2.5 months of build labor. I am asking $600 OBO for it.
    If you use this to commute, the savings in gas will pay itself off in no time. plus... ITS A BLAST TO RIDE! smile


    Email me at if interested!

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  2. olow

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    what u asking?
  3. olow

    olow Member

    shipping ?

    DJEEPER Member

    I am asking $500.

    Shipping would have to be on your dime from 23692. I would suspect that it would be in multiple packages due to the fork....
  5. motorbiken

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    nice job

    very nice looking too great job:grin5:
  6. Wheres my dog

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    Nice bike...

    That is one heck of a rake on that thing..... how does she turn?

    DJEEPER Member

    she rides nice.

    a little lively, but nothing you cant handle :)

    VWandSTUDEBAKER New Member

    Still have the bike and if so, how far are you from Virginia Beach ?


    DJEEPER Member

    I am about an hour away, depending on traffic. Sometimes 45 minutes....

    I still have the bike, haha. i have been riding it to Bike Night at Quaker Steak and Lube every Wednesday :)

    let me know if you are interested and would like to come see