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    I am a mechanical designer with manufacturing capabilities, living in ON Canada. I would be willing to contract my services to those who have a need for custom mechanical solutions. I am dedicated to making the best motored bikes possible. Some of my work can be found here on MBs or on my web site.


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    I have a couple of questions on the build if you don't mind.

    I wonder if you can better explain what you mean with "split drive pedal crank"?

    Also, is it either/or pedal/motor or can the two be used in unison IE: the motor assisting while pedaling?

    Last, any option on the motor being mounted so high?

  3. PowerGraft

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    The only mods to the stock bike are to the drive side pedal crank. Now it supports two sprockets, one attached to the arm and the other rides on a bearing, and is in direct drive with the motor.

    This provides two independent power supply options once in motion. The motor is geared to provide the same amount of torque as one angry Pearson. To combine the two would result in chain or wheel failure.

    The engine is high in the frame for pedaling ergonomics. High on my wish list was ride ability in pedal mode. I like to ride and exercise when I want or need to.