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    Big thanks to TOTAL CARNAGE for the inspiration and instructions on how he made the custom exhaust pipes for his great looking machines. I first bought this exhaust from eBay:


    It didn't fit right out of the box and my attempts at bending the pipe to fit just buggered it all up. So I bought a length of 3/4" EMT conduit and borrowed a bender. My first try kinked and went into the trash. My second pipe took about an hour and a half to knock out and looks like this:


    I used the flange and muffler from the eBay exhaust and welded it to the conduit. I added a hanger on the rear for support. A few things I noticed with this new pipe and muffler. The exhaust is much quieter and I have to turn my head to actually hear it. Maybe it's my imagination but there seems to be more torque to the engine now. No increase in top rpm though. Now that the exhaust is so quiet I'm astonished at how much noise the intake makes! It's the loudest noise coming from the engine.

    I'll probably look at this for a little while and come up with a design for another one with more style and "swoop" now that I know how it's done.
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    You're most welcome! Glad I could help.
    The pipe looks great! My first two attempts went in the trash also
    but with a little practice it isn't hard to get a nice pipe.

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    Yeah, from what I've read the longer length does help quite a bit when it comes to torque. I just wonder how that does compared to a factory expansion pipe? If there wasn't that much difference, it would be a great mod to make to stay away from the extra noise you get with expansion pipe.
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    I've always been satisfied with the power from the 60cc engine. My chief complaints are the noise and vibration. I keep the vibration in check by cruising at the engines sweet spot rpm, between 20-25mph with a 44 tooth rear sprocket. That's plenty fast on a beach cruiser for me. Now the exhaust noise issue has been resolved and I can climb the steepest hill around here at above 20mph.
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    Show Your Pipe

    I had a few problems with the eBay exhaust pipe. First off it didn't fit so I used it as raw material to make my own pipe. The muffler was making a ding-ding bell like noise because something inside was loose. The muffler kept coming loose on the pipe and after tightening the big compression fitting nut several times the welds broke and the muffler came off for good.

    The dinging noise was the baffle plates. They were not welded securely and the whole assembly was rattling around inside. One sharp tap and the baffle came out. Here is the baffle. It's a little over 4" long. The end plates have been removed. What a mess. The next pipe will use a stock muffler that came with the kit.


    I used the internal pieces and a 1/2" OD tube drilled every 1/2" to make a new glass pack baffle out of the POS muffler. It sounds even better now with less restriction and I can take it apart easily to repack the glass as needed. The exhaust looks much like it did in the first post without the big compression nut and a little bit shorter.

    What does your exhaust look like?
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    yeah i have the same e-bay pipe that i modified to fit my occ chopper.
    I had to add length where the flange is, where the pipe bolts to the cylinder.
    I had to lengthen the pipe where it comes out of the cylinder so the pipe would clear the bottom bracket.
    I also had to wekd the 2 peices of pipe together at a slight angle so it would clear the cranks.
    I actually cut up a stock pipe to get the extra length & the flange that i needed, and welded it to the long pipe. (after i cut the flange off of the long pipe)
    as for the baffle plates in the muffler that came with that pipe?
    Mine are fine and welded in good, but i drilled holes in them to increase flow.
    i also pushed the end cap up inside the muffler housing to hide it, and I cut the end of the muffler at an angle.
    Mine isn't as loud as a straightpipe but it is louder than stock (but i like loud).
    I put steel rings around the pipe to hide the weld which gives the pipe a 50's rippled look (like on old style lake pipes).
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    That looks great, it's the right pipe for that kind of bike. No problems with the muffler connection to the pipe? Stays tight, no leaks? Since you like loud you got that dialed in. I'm working towards quiet. Not easy with a 2-stroke.
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    as far as i can tell, the muffler to pipe fitting is fine. Mine doesn't leak or ratlle or anything. I did tighten the s**t out of the fitting tho and i don't think I could loosen it without damaging the muffler body or the pipe. I'd probably have to put the pipe or muffler in a vise and them use wrench with a 3 foot long pipe on it to get it loose :)