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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zomby Builder, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Custom Fenders/Tank/Exhaust pipe

    I have a set of custom fenders. Double thick rear, so no struts are needed. Also Ryno undercoated to last. All hardware & steel bracket mounted rear. Front has 1 strut & center connect. Fits any M/B

    All Black nice finish.

    I also have a nice Black Whizzer gas tank with petcock. 1999 model with no insignia stamp. Chrome gas cap.

    Custom Chrome upswept exhaust pipe with Manifold & chrome cover for manifold. Fits NE5 or WC1 Spacer for NE5 included.

    I pay shipping to USA.
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  2. Buy ME

    Best offers will take this sheet metal/high Q stuff. Modified in USA...
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  4. Hawk

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    Do you still have the Whizzer Tank? Am I right it does not have the raised logo "WHIZZER" on it? Although I would kinda like the logo. Anyway if you do, could I see a picture??
    Thanks Jim (Hawk)
  5. Parts

    All spoken for. But thanks for L@@KING.