Sprockets Custom hub adapter with 32t sprocket

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    I have been having issues with my hub break arm grinding against my 36t sprocket bolt heads and I've already gone through 2 of them. I have been searching different forums trying to see if someone has a good solution. At last I found this AWESOME website where they custom build a hub adapter that attaches directly to the center of the hub between the spokes so that the sprocket is flush with the wheel. The adapter only has 3 bolt holes for the sprocket so you don't have to "sandwich" the spokes and install 9 or more bolts, nuts, and washers. I told them I was planning on getting a 32t sprocket as well but I am concerned there adapter wont match up and they said they can fabricate that as well. :bowdown:

    The adapter + sprocket + shipping came out to $71

    Here's their link:

    If you click on Q&A they have a cool installation animation that shows you how it goes together. :tt1::tt1::tt1: