Custom Lowrider Stretch/w 33.5 cc Subaru

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    Hey everyone,I'm Ron from Hollywood,FL. I started building motorized bicycles about a year ago. I built 2 standard beach cruisers /w Subaru 4 stroke engines and loved them.I had to build more different I did. I seem to like the limo stretch's.Down here in Hollywood, we have riddin these bikes all over south beach,all the coast up to Ft. Lauderdale and back many times and so far we have rode by police and they just look and sometimes wave!I now have 5 /w Subaru's and 3 brand new waiting to build.
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  3. bicycle ron

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    Ron welcome to MBc, there is a lot of good reading, good people and good answers already here.
    More smiles to the mile on a bike. :cool:
  5. Welcome Ron! We'd love to see your bikes. Post some pics so we can ogle at them!
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    I'm new at this site,I have some pics but I'm having problems putting them on the site. Other sites just say,post! I'll figure it out. Sorry for now,please bear with me.
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    Hi Ron, Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome to MBc. Ron !!! I have been to Hollywood many times, great place.
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    Hi and welcome to MBc...

    welcome to MBc...when you figure out how to resize please open a new thread featuring your build in picture gallery, we would love to see em... here is one link I found in help and suggestions thread:

    and I am looking for the one azbill posted last year...cant find it but heres this one too: this helps...good luck and happy motoring...found the one i liked best here:
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    G'day Ron and welcome to MBc.
    Interested to see your Subaru setups man.Those engines look better than the Honda.
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    The bike turned out beautiful /w the Subaru.I painted the engine cover and fabricated the engine mount and had it chromed and installed it on a lowrider stretch beach cruiser.I'm having trouble uploading my picks.They'll be here as soon as I figure this out.For now,you can go to craigs list [united states]florida key's,look under bikes for sale.I have a few for sale .
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  14. roller drive?

    Welcome to MBc. Are your bikes roller driven? Hard to see in pics. I have thought of selling this style bike here on the West coast. My builds are too expensive I think - to resell. (Least expensive one for parts, paint, & chrome was 2300) Have you sold many? I see you are using most of the bikes original parts.
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    Thank you,yes they are friction[roller] drive.They work really well except when the roads ae wet then the roller spins a little at take off,then it's fine.they have different rollers for better traction but you loose top end speed.I try to only ride when it's dry!
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    Welcome aboard, Ron.
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    Thank's Mickey!
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    Hello and welcome. Sounds like your off to a great start.

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    Thank's Jim! I'm having an early easter dinner today,hope tou have one too!