Custom Made Friction Drive Motor Bike $250

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by johnnyboy805, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. johnnyboy805

    johnnyboy805 Guest

    You guys may not remember me but I wrote up an extensive description of my build here:

    I've come upon hard times so I need to sell.
    Price is $250. no more no less. Local pickup only.

    Since completion, I have removed the fender and it was repainted two tone creme and primer red.

  2. stealthc9

    stealthc9 Member

    would you sell just the motor/and mounting set up??
  3. johnnyboy805

    johnnyboy805 Guest

    Nope. It is a package deal. If you read through the description you will find that this price is a steal. Will only accept cash and local pickup.
  4. stealthc9

    stealthc9 Member

    that sucks i'd buy it in a heart beat if i w. sale