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  1. HI All,

    Since I had been contacted by several people regarding the possibility of alternate chain rings for the SBP Shifter Kit, I decided to make a few today and though I'd post some pics for those of you out there who want to experiment with different gearing....

    The pics show a 36T , a 44T and a 50T chain ring (the aluminum colored
    chain rings).

    For weight conscious people, we will be putting lightening holes in the 36T sprocket for production models.

    I made red anodized CNC'd chain rings this weekend for my bike (I want to do some red chain rings since some of the parts on the bike for my next build are red and I wanted to color coordinate.....We can anodize the chain rings in the same 9 colors as our Super Sprockets and they are available in sizes to 70+ Teeth!

    The Chain ring weights are as follows :

    Stock: 36T weighs 9.3 OZ Our Chain Ring : 3.3 OZ (w/o lightening
    holes...Production model will have lightening holes added)....CNC
    Chain Ring weighs 2.6 OZ.

    Stock: 44T weighs 15.0 OZ Our Chain Ring : 4.2 OZ, CNC version is
    4.8 OZ.

    Our 50T Chain Ring : 5.5 OZ (hobbed version did not make a CNC version).

    NOTE: We can make pretty much any size you could reasonably need. For pricing look to our myspace page at :

    These chain rings are made using the same materials and care as our rear Super Sprockets.

    Have fun!


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