Custom Speedster Schwinn Blackie Sprin drm 1.2 gal chrm

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  1. Schwinn Whizzer tank chrome acc and springer + drum

    Heres My newest Custom job of an Original build I've been doing similar to what well a 2 stroke block engine whizzer style bike. This one sports a Sturmey Archer Front XFD Drum Brake Hub, 1.2 Gallon NE5 Whizzer Black beauty tank(Courtesy of Bill Green of Whizzer) Four finger linear clutch and Brake handles (United Bicycle Supply/Rickie Shi), WB Carb and Chrome handles(18mm Steel) Intake, Front end from SUNN(New owner of Pyramid)Show Crome heavy duty Springer, Thorn proof 2.25 IRC Motorcycle(I beleive) tubes, 056 Chrome plated steel Dual brace Ballooner Fenders,
    Rear Beehive taillight w/switch, Like riding the wind with the power of thunder and lightening with the twist of a throttle. I love it but its a Custom of one of my bike lines so hopefully someone whom really likes it gets it! These upgrades started gradually until I ended up with a cruiser build package consisting of a totaly new front end and optional heavier spoke and rear hub. I was asked to name this package so I told the Patron The Tucker Lee (after my Son)

    see it in video

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  2. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Very nice build.
    The tank is great, looks good siting there. Looks like the right size for the bike.
    Good job !
  3. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    It's a Beauty. it looks a lot like the del-mar i have. except for the chrome fenders, & forks, Great Build.
  4. Daeouse

    Daeouse Member

  5. Tantrisian

    Tantrisian New Member

    Thanks for sharing, I'm a first time builder doing a Huffy Santa Fe, I like the solid forks , but a girder always looks good.
  6. autobo7

    autobo7 Member

    Love the tank, and the forks! where did you get them?
  7. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    the Whizzer tanks look so much better (and are more practical) than the stock tanks. I've actually got a 1.8 gal Whizzer tank. I got mine on eBay. Search "fat whizzer tank" and you'll find the guy I got mine from. You can also find the "standard" size Whizzer tanks all over eBay as well-- some genuine vintage, some modern made.