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Apr 25, 2008
Tyngsboro, Mass
Hi, I need a new sprocket to fit a freewheel hub that looks like this: "". The sprocket needs around 40 teeth and needs to accept a 1/2x1/8 chain. I have tried to contact the custom sprocket dealer in the ads on the side of this webpage (king sales and service, custom sprockets) but I got no response from both emailing and leaving a message via phone. I think they may be out of buisness. I had hoped I could send them the freewheel hub and they could just adjust the hole in the center and the screw holes on the custom sprocket. I have thought of other ideas too like taking off the second sprocket of a chainring set that would have the right amount of teeth and using some sort of adapter to bring the screw holes down to where I need them. However, it would be very hard if not imposesible to mount the sprocket true, if its off by the tiniest bit my chain will get tight and loose constanly as I ride. So my question is do you guys know any place I can get a custom sprocket or how I can make somthing?
King's is still in business. Andrew seals with his email late in the evening. He has made custom sprockets for freewheels for me (different bolt patern from yours). Quality work and quick delivery.
Hmm, the email and phone are different on their myspace than on their official webpage. It has been a week since I sent them the email and left a phone message so I guess I'll try the phone number on their webpage on monday. I'll let ya know it turns out. Thanks
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I just use the address listed in the ad:
Maybe Andrew is just too busy working on sprockets for me to check his mail. You might try sending a PM to him, but I don't know how often he checks this site.
HI Guys,

We're still in business! ;-).....I'm not sure why I didn't get your phone calls (unless it went to the phone company voice mail as opposed to our answering machine....I'll have to learn how to check phone company voice mails) or emails (unless it was filtered as spam??)....perhaps a more sure fire method would be to call me on my cell...434-760-6924....Sorry for any inconvience.