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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by element303, Sep 3, 2014.

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    FOR SALE is a completely custom made (in Puerto Rico) prototype motorcycle - THE perfect beach cruiser

    (about $2700 invested) Its fully functional and running but would like to be further perfected (possible in frame tank and other details).

    It's powered by a modified Honda Clone - a Predator 212cc.

    Here a list of parts and customisations:

    -Custom Custom and more Custom
    -Custom build frame completely reinforced and tested ONE OF A KIND
    -Modified 212cc Predator Engine (+60mph no problem, brutal acceleration)
    -Alu Flywheel
    -Aftermarket Valve Springs for high rpm
    -Customised High Quality Torque Converter Transmission reinforced with alu welds and custom jackshaft (very smooth engagement in low rpm right after idle.. 45mph with only 2000rpm. super fuel efficient)
    -Big but very fuel efficient carburetor ($2 all day)
    -Custom rear wheel 80mm wide imported from Germany
    -Custom made precision rear hub to handle the torque of this big engine
    -Suzuki customized full suspension fork to fit the frame and handlebar and welded brake mount
    -Bada$$ original Bobber Seat pan from 1950's also customised to fit the bike. Looks just amazing and very good rear suspension.
    -Hydraulic Dual brake system front to stop the beast quick (brand new pads included
    -Fuel pump
    and and and...

    Length 82
    Width 14
    Bottom 6
    Height to Seat 27
    Height to Handlebar 39
    all inches

    Also comes with a TON of parts. Like 3 different handlebars, millions of sprockets, another carburetor and so on.

    Can be disassembled with only 6 bolts in less than 10 minutes to transport in almost any car.

    The frame is freshly painted in grey metallic and all parts will be polished again before shipping.

    Any questions? MAKE ME AN OFFER! Feel free to email me or call 7876627300

    If you are wondering why I even sell it. I had great times with it and now that its done I feel the motivation to start a new project so I bought a custom Kawasaki 750 and will do something cool with this one. Plus, I needed something for the highway (but this time legal)

    Puerto Rico pick up possible, for USA it will be shipped in 2 boxes. One for the frame and tires and one for the rest. Shipping costs have to be calculated but should be below $200





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    Nice bike, just curious how fast does it go?
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    I have only ridden it to about 55 but I know it goes WELL beyond that. I only use very little throttle at all times. It have a ton of power, almost too much. 60 def. no problem.
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    Are you able to ship to australia?